Sunday, October 25, 2015

Shen-se Tian Battletech Pirates

I'm working on a company of Shen-se Tian a group of Battletech pirates that operate spinward of the Capellan Confederation.  These are the plastic mechs from the older version of the last boxed set.  They are really crappy.  They have improved the boxed set with better plastic mechs and I hope to pick up a copy of that soon.

I'm using these guys in my latest Battletech campaign set in the Fronc Reaches in 3067.  The players are part of a rag tag mercenary defense force stationed on Rockwellan.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

First Ex-Patriots Done!

I finished up the first 12 Ex-Patriot pirates.  I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out and this also gets me closer to doing some coalition pirate raids.  I purchased a small robot toy today to serve as a battle suit for this crew.  I need to get a few more pirate mechs and battle suits together so I can start using them as a force.   Pirates will play an important role in my next campaign.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

More Solar Empires Pirates. The Ex-patriots!

Here is a WIP shot of some new Pirates for my Solar Empires setting.  These guys are former Jovian Imperial Troopers who went renegade during the last System War.  To distinguish them from other Imperial troops I have painted a crude X on their right shoulders and helmets.  Hopefully I will have them done soon.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Back from outer space with new easy tables and stools!

 Well it's been a while since I posted.  Guess I just got burned out on blogging.  I've still been playing all this time I just have not been posting much about it.

Anyway I found some wood bits at the local Lowles in their hobby section that I thought would make good tables and stools for some of my sci-fi terrain.  I got a package of wooden disk with some turned vases and some small spools.  I glued the vases upside down on the bottom of the disk to make tables then used thumb tack to make seat cushions for the stools.  Assembly took only a little while.  I had enough bits for 10 table and stool sets with a couple tables left over.
 I then primed the tables with primer grey.  Here you can see them compared with several random 28mm miniatures.

 After priming I dry brushed the tables white them painted the cushions and highlighted them.  I then added a wash made from burnt umber, dark blue and a bit of floor polish.  Although you can see some of the wood grain in the finished product I just chalked this up to the concept that this is cheap mass produced plastic furniture made with a wood grain pattern.  One thing I really like about the tables and stools is that you can still get four miniatures around each table with the stools in between which makes them look occupied without having to have sitting models.  

Here is a shot of the bottom of the tables so you can see how easy they were to construct.  In the future I may make a few tables with things on them for specific terrain sets like a diner or bar.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Arthurian Asteroid Campaign: Turn 6 Raid on 208072 Tor and Battle for 208058 Hector. Map moves Turn 7

 October 21st, 3033 208072 Tor.  The Hell Knights once again raided Tor with a force including tanks, mechs, and infantry.  The Jovian's defended with two mechs and heavy infantry.

 The Hell Knights spend most the the battle focusing on killing the Jovian Infantry support which they were able to do quite easily with their fast light vehicles.
 The Jovians focused fire on the Hell Knight vehicles destroying the battlesuit and transport and damaging the tank.  Without infantry support the Jovian mechs were forced to withdraw.

 October 25th 3033, 208058 Hector.  The Martians, Jovians, and Star Guard all made an attempt to capture 208058 Hector on October 25th.  The Jovians brought two mechs while the Martians and mercenaries brought mostly infantry and battlesuits

 Even though all the forces involved were contesting the asteroid both the Martians and the Star Guard ignored each other and focused on the Jovians.
The Star Guard and Jovian infantry fought a heated infantry battle around a massive mesa both sides suffering several casualties.
 The Jovian mechs attacked the Martians laying waste to the battle suits early in the fighting and killing several Martian infantrymen easily.  The Jovians managed to hold on to Hector with a fairly decisive victory.

Notes:  In the face of overwhelming odds the Jovians and Star Guard both pulled out of a battle each rather than suffer a certain loss so turn 6 ended after just two battles.  

Turn 7 saw another massive build up of troops by the Jovians who purchased 40 strike forces.  The Hell Knights and Star Guard each purchased 20 strike forces while the Martians purchased 25.  The Hell Knights called for an alliance against the Jovian threat but this was largely ignored by the Star Guard and Martians who opted to build up and defend their territory.  The Jovians launched assaults against 207525 Merlin and 207829 Elaine forcing the Martians and Hell Knights to re-enforce those asteroids.  The Hell Knights assaulted 208080 Brangaine but the Jovians decided not to re-enforce the outpost.  The Hell Knights again raided 208072 Tor and the Star Guard raided 208082 Evaine.

It should be noted than even though there are a large number of strike forces (500pts each) involved in some of these invasions the battle point cap at the moment is 1,500 points so the battles will be divided into 1,500 point battles and the victor will be determined by victory points.  We expect this turn to take several weeks to complete where we were able to do more than one turn most weeks up till now.    

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Arthurian Asteroid Campaign: Turn 5 Star Guard raids; 208048 Dagonet, 208020 Gaheris, and 208079 Blanche Fleur. Turn 6 map moves

 October 17th 3033, 208048 Dagonet.  The Star Guard mercenary company raided the Martian mining operation on 208048 Dagonet with a small raiding force.  The Martians responded with a defense force of their own.

 The mercenary 6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicle proved very effective taking out a Martian battlesuit early in the fight.
 The Martian forces advanced on the Star Guard who had taken up positions in some of the outpost buildings.
 The mercenary tank charged the Martian battlesuit but this time the light tank got the worst of the exchange and was destroyed.
 The Star Guard regulars inside the platformed building responded by destroying the second Martian battlesuit.  Just at the end of the battle the Martian commander was killed and the Martians withdrew giving the Star Guard a narrow victory.  Unfortunately for the mercenaries they were only able to recover about 8,000 credits worth or resources.

 October 18th 3033, 208020 Gaheris.  The Star Guard raided a Jovian outpost on 208020 Gaheris that was defended by members of the Jovian Grau Legion.
 The Star Guard light tank charged in and killed a single Legionnaire while the Jovian Hunter Mech killed a mercenary sniper.

 The Jovian mech continued to cause the mercenaries trouble killing several Star Guard infantry troopers.

 Despite taking heavy casualties the mercenaries continued to fight but could not advance across the open ground.
 The mercenary tank managed to kill a few more Jovians from range as they tried to take cover in a civilian vehicle. Unfortunately the Star Guard lost another squad to the Hunter mech and were forced to withdraw giving the Jovians a solid victory and netting them 9,000 credits in salvage.  

 October 19th 3033, 208079 Blanche Fleur.  The Star Guard raided a mining operation defended by the Hell Knight mercenary company on 208079 Blanche Fleur.

 The Star Guard light tank advanced rapidly destroying a Hell Knight transport and killing a heavy trooper.

 The Hell Knights advanced aggressively against the Star Guard's left flank with two transports and infantry.  The Knights managed to kill an entire squad of Star Guard and cause a casualty in each of the other squads but the Guard's light tank took out another Hell Knight transport.

 The Hell Knight heavy troopers fought from a rocky outcropping killing a Star Guard sniper and medic while their transport destroyed one squad and broke another.  The Guard's light tank destroyed the Hell Knight regular squad on the hill in response.

 By the end of the fighting only the 6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicle remained for the Guards while one light transport and two heavy troopers remained for the Knights.  The Star Guard tank was undamaged while the transport was nearly destroyed so the Hell Knights were forced to withdraw. (this battle was decided by 11 victory points!)
The Star Guard won the fight but were only able to recover 9,000 credits worth of resources.  Unfortunately they lost over 15,000 credits worth of troops and equipment and between that and their transport cost they actually lost money.

The map movements were interesting.  Despite having the most resources due to a very good round of rolling resources the Star Guards only purchased four strike forces and four mobile mining operations.  The Jovians purchased twenty strike forces and six mobile mining operations leaving them nearly broke.  The Martians purchased five strike forces and a mining operation.  The Hell Knights purchased four strike forces and two mobile mining operations.  The Hell Knights again raided Tor.  The Hell Knights and Jovians both made a move for 207829 Elaine.  The Jovians, Martians, and Star Guard all made a move on 208058 Hector.  The Star Guard and the Jovians also both made a move on 208063 Lionel.  The Jovians took; 208080 Brangaine, and 208083 Enide unopposed.  

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Arthurian Asteroid Campaign: The Hell Knights raid 208072 Tor Turn 5

 October 13th 3033, 208072 Tor.  The Hell Knights sent another raiding party to raid the Imperial House Mining Company operation located on 208072 Tor.  The Grau Legion of the Jovian Imperial legion defended the base with heavy infantry and a scout battlemech.  The Hell Knights brought a squad of veteran troopers, a squad of scouts, a light transport, a light tank, and a battlesuit mech as well as a sniper.

 The Jovian mech quickly jumped from behind cover and killed the mercenary sniper.  Despite having excellent cover and camouflage the shear amount of firepower was simply too much.

 The hell knight battlesuit and vehicles pushed forward and killed one of the Jovian troopers from their heavy weapons team.

 The Jovian Mech and the Hell Knight battlesuit traded fire and the mercenary suffered light damage.

 Another trooper from the Jovian heavy weapons squad was killed by the Hell Knight light transport which then sped away into cover behind a building.

 Again the Jovian mech engaged the Hell Knight battlesuit.  This time the Legionnaire was able to destroy the mercenary.  The Hell Knight light tank moved forward firing at the mech and damaging it but not significantly.

 With the battlesuit down the Jovian mech got bolder.  Moving farther forward the Legionnaire destroyed the Hell Knight light transport.  The mercenary tank fired again at the mech doing a bit more damage before withdrawing.

The Hell Knight light tank swung around and engaged a unit of Jovian heavy troopers who had just suffered two casualties from the scout squads grenade launcher.  The take scored another kill but was not able to wipe out the squad.  A mercenary assassin hiding in  the elevated building attempted to engage the unit but was shot down in a hail of bullets by the other Jovian infantry unit that was guarding the door.  

Having lost their leader, a sniper, a scout, an assassin, and their transport the Hell Knights were forced to withdraw empty handed.