Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ramdom Stuff update

I found these two plasticville buildings at a local junk shop for on $5.00. They are a little rough but nothing that can't be repaired. I'm sure they will come in handy when I get around to doing a zombie town someday.

I finished this Reaper Miniature "Mathias the Twisted" today. I plan to use him in an up comming B.M.A.P. episode. He was fun to paint but I did a bit of a rush job. Still I think it's table top worthy.

Here are some Reaper Wraiths from the Warlord line I finished yesterday. I love these sculpts. Some of the best wraiths I've ever seen. I just realized how "Gothic" the B.M.A.P. game is getting. Hmmmm "Gothic Pulp".

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Major Projects for 2009

Well I've figured out my major projects for 2009. I'm planning on doing three major projects with both terrain and miniatures spending two months on each project and leaving two months in between to work on minor projects and to finish up additional bits of major ones.

Forest of Mystery: February/March

The Forest of Mystery will be a multi genre forest project. In addition to more trees and bushes and the like I also plan to make monoliths, megalithic structures, stone circles, monster caves, monster's and fairy folk, and various animals.

The Sands of Time: June/July

The Sands of time will be a multi genre Egyptian adventure project. I plan to build a pyramid and tomb complexes as well as a small Egyptian town and an oasis. I also plan to paint several Egyptian theamed monsters like mummies, giant scorpians, and avatars and servants of the egyptian gods.

Out on the Rim: October/November

Out on the Rim will be a generic sci-fi space port located on a desolate rim world. I hope to have at least three light to medium freighters and six or more shuttles and fighters as well as support vehicals of various types. All of the inhabitants will be either human or droid because I want to use this space port for many different settings. Each ship will have a crew and there will also be maintence crew, a security force, a staff, a cantina with employees, and a few other interesting characters.

Those are my major projects for 2009. I will also have a few minor and ongoing projects that I will detail later.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

B.M.A.P. Unholy Alliance Episode 3

Mid May 1919 Paris France at the headquarters of La Brigade Mobiles Des Affaires Paranormales or B.M.A.P. It has been two months since the Thule Society tried and failed to free their comrade Oswald Worst from the farmhouse where he was recovering. However agents have been unsuccessful getting any information out of them regarding the whereabouts of the vampire Monique De Noir. Assistant director Gaston Piccard has decided to add some new blood to the investigation team. In addition to agents Selena De Fonce and Marie Duchamp the director assigns Andrea Zeenich a brilliant but eccentric scientist, Alfred “Allie” Bellows an American ex marine sniper, and Isabella Nivasi a gypsy occultist.

Agents De Fonce and Duchamp decide to research French vampires in the B.M.A.P. Library while agents Bellows, Nivasi, and Zeenich decide to questions Oswald Worst and Rutger Howser since none of them had a chance to question the prisoner.
After some forceful interrogation the agents manage to find out that the Thule society planned to return De Noir to her castle in Belgium which was somewhere near Oostende. The agents researching also come up with a clue. There was a vampire named Matthias the Twisted who was something of a vampire historian. He kept a detailed history of the vampires of northern Europe until he as entombed beneath Paris in the 12 century by Louis IX also know as Saint Louis. Saint Louis had a key made from the femur of Saint Vitus to seal the lock on the tomb and he also had a map made and both the key and map were placed in a reliquary.

The team decided that they wanted to travel to Oosetende to try and find De Noir's castle but Assistant director Piccard said it would take him at least a week to make the arrangements. The team would need convincing cover persona and passports and tickets to operate in a foreign country. Considering this set back and the fact they did not know exactly where De Noir's castle was they decided to follow the lead they had about Matthias the Twisted. After doing a little more research they found out that Louis IX housed many important artifacts including the Crown of Thorns and a piece of the True Cross in the Sainte-Chapelle his personal chapel which was not far from the B.M.A.P. Headquarters.

The team visited the Sainte-Chapelle that Friday and asked the priest there about the relics they were looking for. The priest said he would look into the matter and they should return on Monday. With nothing else today they returned to research.
Agents Duchamp and De Fonce decided to research Saint Louis at the Bibliotheque National while the rest of the agents returned to headquarters. While looking through a book on Saint Louis agent Duchamp discovers a note tucked between the pages of the book. Its in a strange code she can not read so she decides to return to headquarters to have it decoded by the agency specialist

The strange note turned out to be the crazed ramblings of a member of La Confrérie de La Mort Rouge a secret society of vampire worshipers. The note mentioned the “Twisted” one and stated that the key to the masters chamber lay in the chapel of Saint Louis.
The Agents returned to the Sante-Chapelle Sunday and presented their new evidence to the priest. The priest said he had looked into the matter and that two years ago La Confrérie de La Mort Rouge had tried to steal the key and map from the chapel so they moved it to the church of Pierre Blanche a small town in the Aquitaine region.

On Monday the agents boarded a train for Bordeaux. After they arrived in Bordeaux they obtained a pair of trucks and drove the rest of the way to Pierre Blanche. They arrived Tuesday in the early afternoon only to find the road into town had been barricaded off.
Before reaching the barricade agent Bellows sneaks off to the side of the road to get a better look at the situation. The rest of the agents pull up to the barricade and get out. The Barricades are being manned by a few villagers. They tell the agents that most of the townsfolk fled after they had been attacked during the night by La Confrérie de La Mort Rouge who broke into the church and ransacked it though they didn't seem to have found what they were looking for.

Most of the agents went to the church to investigate with the help of a few townsfolk.

Agent Bellows decided he should instead find a place where he could keep a lookout in case the cultist returned.

The four agents searching the church took a while to find the location of the reliquary containing the key and map. It was housed in a large iron box that they had to cut open with a torch then after they got it open they found another smaller locked box inside that contained the items they were looking for. Agent Nivasi took the box into here pack and they decided to get to the trucks and leave town as soon as they could even though it was late at night. As soon as she exited the church lights started flickering on and off in the tall building next door. Agent Bellows saw a cultist inside the building flickering the lights and shot him but the man had already succeeded in his task.
Suddenly there were cultist popping up in every direction. One group armed with a Thompson sub machine gun disabled the trucks.
Most of the townsfolk guarding the barricades had come over to the church while the agents were investigating. Now almost everyone was exposed in the center of the town square. Agents De Fonce and Zeenich took cover just inside the church.

On the far side of the square two cultist are shot down early by the sharp shooting of agents Bellows and De Fonce.

A group of four cultist appear in the alley next to the tall building. They where hiding inside the same building where agent bellows shot their comrade earlier.
One of the cultist begins to chant in a strange language. Suddenly three small fireballs burst forth from his outstretched finger. Two townsfolk are hit squarely and go down on the flagstone while another is shaken by a blast.

The agents and the remaining townsfolk make a run for cover and try and return fire. With little luck.

Agent De Fonce sneaks out the side door of the church hoping she can work her way around behind the cultist in the ally who are raining bullets and magic down on her friends.

Agent Nivasi ducks behind a building and starts making her way towards the disabled trucks.

Being somewhat closer to the tall building agent Duchamp also tries for a flanking maneuver.

Agent Bellows uses the advantage of his cover and positions to take shots at the cultist most of whom can't even see him to return fire.

Agent Nivasi continues to slowly make her way over to the trucks though she is very outgunned she manages to avoid detection.

The cultist group guarding the trucks attempts to get closer to the action but they are driven back by fire from the agents and townsfolk.

Agent Duchamp takes a pop shot at one of the cultist. He is shaken but not down. Fortunately for her two of the other cultist in the ally have been taken down by her friends although the magic user is still up.

Agent Duchamp gets charged by the young cultist she had shot at moments earlier. Surprised by the furious attack she is shaken but not wounded.

Having taken out the cultist on the far side of the town square agent Bellows turns his attention to the group guarding the trucks. Though he is quite a good shot the cultist have excellent cover and prove hard to hit.
Muzzle blast and magical fire bolts continue to flash across the town square. Another townsfolk is taken out by a blast of arcane fire.

Agent De Fonce finally manages to sneak around behind the tall building while agent Duchamp continues to struggle with the young cultist.

Distracted by the action in the town square the magic wielding cultist doesn't even realize agent De Fonce is behind him in the bushes. Selena carefully takes aim and shoots the wizard squarely between his shoulder blades. The magic wielding cultist goes down in a heap atop the crate he had been standing on.

Agent Bellows continues to take shots at the cultist near the trucks but has little luck. He manages to shake one up but not take any of them out.
Agent Nivasi has spent the last minute or so preparing a Molotov cocktail which she employs against the cultist near the trucks. She takes one of them down just as agent Bellows finally scores a hit.

Agent Duchamp finally manages to subdue the young cultist with a buffet to the head.

Agent De Fonce and one of the townsfolk move in to subdue the magic using cultist.

Agent Nivasi and agent Bellows finally manage to take down the last cultist and the furious battle is finally over.

Agents Duchamp and De Fonce start looking after the wounded townsfolk and cultist. Fortunately the magic user is still alive. Agent Duchamp treats his wounds then binds him up for later questioning.

With the help of agents Bellows and Nivasi agent Zeenich has both trucks running again in short order.
The agents of the B.M.A.P. have recovered the artifacts and beaten the cultist but will they be able to get them back to Paris? Tune in next time to find out!
Endnotes: All in all I was very happy with this session. The players acomplished their goals and we had a great action sequence. We switched over from a varient of No Limits to the Savage Worlds rules for this session and we really liked them so it looks like the B.M.A.P. has bee savaged for the time being.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

GW Grave Guard WIP 1

Well I picked up these plastic grave guard from the local game store today. Got em for about $22.00 with a bit of a discount. They are really nice figures but not for the novice. They are quite fiddly to put together but the results are quite a bit nicer than most of GWs plastic sets. I got these guys for my B.M.A.P. pulp adventure game but I'm doing them up so I can use them later in a Vampire Counts army.

It took me a few hours to assemble them although I was watching movies and even playing World of Warcraft at the time. I need to have these guys and a few other minis done by the end of this week for a B.M.A.P. game so I'm going to use the combination basecote/wash/drybrush/highlight technique I used on the cultist from Pulp Figures that I posted in my last post. With any luck I'll be done with them by Monday night at the latest.

Just another note. The blue stuff on their bases is light card stock I cut from a 12 pack of soda. I often use it for making a broken tile floor.