Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 New Games: Infinity and Star Trek Tactics!

 I picked up two new game recently.  Two very different games.  Infinity is a skirmish level 28mm game that I have been looking into for some time.  The figures are very nice and the setting seems very compelling.  We picked up three factions: Ariandna for myself, Nomads for my wife, and Pan Oceania for our daughter.  We are starting out with just the boxed set and then if we like the game we are going to build from there. 

I normally don't play clicks games and I'm not a big Star Trek fan but this game actually looks fun and my wife and daughter both like Star Trek so it might be a good game for them.  The Starter set comes with four ships.  for the Federation you get; The U.S.S. Enterprise - A, and The U.S.S. Rhode Island.  For the Klingons you get; The I.K.S. Bortas, and The I.K.S. Rorarran.  Hopefully this will be a fun game to just set up and play without much hassle.