Sunday, September 25, 2011

Orcs rule Elves drool!

I've taken to playing Orcs or Half Orcs quite frequently in RPGs that allow them as playable character races. This has prompted some of the people I've been playing with to ask me why I play Orcs so often. Granted these are the people who play elves pretty much whenever they can as if the advantages to playing an elf should be obvious. In fact when I come back with "well why do you play elves all the time" they always seem confused and taken off guard.

To me nothing says Fantasy RPG Munchkin like someone who always plays Elves and what makes it worse is that these players always consider themselves great roleplayers. Typically they play their elves haughty and roll their eyes when other players initiate combat but then try to kill steal and out damage every one else in the party usually from somewhere in the back ranks either with magic or absurd elf only archery bonuses. Elf players almost always play against elven type. Their characters are never wise or polite nor peaceful. Orcs aren't either but the elf players never sees their characters as; brash, rude, and violent. They always still think of their characters as typical elves.

I tend to play my Orcs typical. Brash, rude, and violent. To me that is an Orc. It's fine to go against type now and again and play an Orc who is an articulate negotiator, or an artist, or a magic user but typically Orcs are tanks. The Orc is usually one of the tougher and stronger of the races in any fantasy setting. Usually the toughest race that doesn't need specialty; clothing, armor, and weapons. They also fit through the same doors as most people and can use the same furniture. If you want to play an Orc fighter/warrior type you dump your "points" into things they are naturally good at like being tough and strong. If you want to play anything else you dump your points into the needed stat then count on your natural toughness and strength that still make you tougher and stronger than the average human and much more than the average elf since those are always their weak points.

A good way to set up as well rounded Orc character is to choose to be a fighter type and bump up your; strength, toughness, and quickness but still leave a few points for other things. When choosing skills and talents (feats ect) choose to be really good at one type of fighting and competent at one or two others but don't forget some points for other things. Your natural attributes will boost up lower skill numbers to make your an above average fighter while still leaving you points to be good at other things like tracking or knowledge or poetry or what have you. You can have skills the party can use while still being the anvil your foes break upon.

If your a non fighter type make sure you have at least as much armor as you are allowed and a weapon that takes advantage of your Orc advantages. That way you can still do what you do but use your natural fighting abilities to kick butt when you need to. That fire ball that nukes the Elf wizard will still certainly hurt the Orc shaman but he'll get back up more quickly and if he's unable to use his magic he can still smack people around with his staff or even bare hands.

And remember anything that drops your Orc in one shot will drop three of the parties elves in the next round. I'm sure Orcish heaven if more fun too.