Monday, October 13, 2008

Sister Sisters.

Well I'm trying to get my Sisters of Battle.... er.... um..... Witch Hunters army done to play 40k at the local shops and such because that's pretty much all anyone plays. I've had most of these models for years but I've added a few recently. These Sisters are from the Order of the Iron Rose my own custom convent. So far they are comming along. At the rate I'm going I'll have about 1000 points done in a couple weeks. Now if I could only get that motivated on my other projects. Sadly it's a lot easier to stay motivated when you know you can actually find people to play the game with than when your trying to get people interested in something new or different.

Here's the Cannoness. She's nearly done. I'm going for a character leve table top look on this fig. Nothing special. In fact I'm trying to paint my army too a "good" standard and intentionally trying not to spend too much time on them. I need to scale back on the quality for bigger projects.

Here's my old Mark I Immolater. I decided to use the green that I'm using on the inside of the sister's tabbards as my main tank color. I think it looks snazzy. This tank will get a umber wash and highlights and details of course.

Squad Alpha is tabletop ready. I think I did an ok job matching the armor though it's not perfect. The new models are what most of my army will look like anyway. They are the ones with the static grass. Eventually I'll re-work the bases on the older models and give them a bit more highlighting but for now that's going to have to wait.

Squad Beta is comming along. I've only got a few hours in them so far. When painting squads I try to start with the big areas then work to the smaller areas that way the steps get shorter and shorter.

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