Saturday, January 10, 2009

Major Projects for 2009

Well I've figured out my major projects for 2009. I'm planning on doing three major projects with both terrain and miniatures spending two months on each project and leaving two months in between to work on minor projects and to finish up additional bits of major ones.

Forest of Mystery: February/March

The Forest of Mystery will be a multi genre forest project. In addition to more trees and bushes and the like I also plan to make monoliths, megalithic structures, stone circles, monster caves, monster's and fairy folk, and various animals.

The Sands of Time: June/July

The Sands of time will be a multi genre Egyptian adventure project. I plan to build a pyramid and tomb complexes as well as a small Egyptian town and an oasis. I also plan to paint several Egyptian theamed monsters like mummies, giant scorpians, and avatars and servants of the egyptian gods.

Out on the Rim: October/November

Out on the Rim will be a generic sci-fi space port located on a desolate rim world. I hope to have at least three light to medium freighters and six or more shuttles and fighters as well as support vehicals of various types. All of the inhabitants will be either human or droid because I want to use this space port for many different settings. Each ship will have a crew and there will also be maintence crew, a security force, a staff, a cantina with employees, and a few other interesting characters.

Those are my major projects for 2009. I will also have a few minor and ongoing projects that I will detail later.


Kevin said...

Thanks for posting the 2009 game plan! It's always inspiring to read these type of things from you. I must credit the fact that I got my minis organized and got as much done as I did in 2008 because I read your posts last year.

Love the ideas, and I can't wait to see more of everything!

Eli Arndt said...

What ever came of these? I am new to the blog but I would love to see any of your Forest of Mystery terrain if you got any of it made.


Ironworker said...

I got a little side tracked on the forest. We only managed to finish a wolf pack and a small pack of wearwolves. I still have some projects lined up for it though.

Eli Arndt said...

Cool. I love doing woodland terrain. Not only is it easy, but there is a lot of variety and artistry involved.