Monday, January 18, 2010

New Ships for the Spaceport!

Well I picked up a couple more ships for my "Spaceport 69" project. The red one is another Marauder Attack Fighter from "The Corps" line of toys. I used the same toy to create "The Skip Tracker" last year. I've been able to find these fairly consistently at Wal-Mart. They cost about $7.00 making them cheaper than some standard 28mm miniatures.

The blue ship is "Argost's Jet" from "The Secret Saturdays" toy line by Matel. I assume it is from a cartoon since it has the Cartoon Network logo. I picked this one up on clearance for $11.00 but I think it was originally about $16.00.

I'm basically going to use the same method to convert the Marauder Attack Fighter that I used on the Skip Tracker so I'm not going to go into that here. As you can see there are no landing gear on the Argost Jet. This is the typical problem when dealing with toy space ships and jets.

For some unknown reason there is an odd shaped hole in the back of the starboard side engine. I can't figure out why since there is not extra piece in the box that would fit there and it doesn't look like anything would attach to the ship here either. I'm just going to have to fill it in or cover it up or put something back there that will look logical. Fortunately the ship has an asymmetrical design so that should help make it look better.

As you can see the figures that came with the ship are basically in the 28mm scale range. With those big cannons on the front this ship will be a heavy attack fighter with a crew of 2-3. I'm thinking of adding it to my space pirate force because it looks kinda menacing but my daughter likes it a lot so I may let here use it for her own character in the setting.

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