Monday, March 22, 2010

Shadowrun in Miniature

Well I've decided to start a new project doing a set of miniatures for Shadowrun since I'm currently playing in two long term Shadowrun games. I've already got quite a few human modern and Sci-Fi style minis so I'm not going to spend any extra time on human minis unless they are security types or gangers or other NPCs.

My plan is to focus on the meta-human races. My short term goal is to do several of each race and do male and females. Because some races are going to be harder and more expensive to convert and aren't played that often anyway I'm not going to have the same goals for each.

I plan to build 10 Elves evenly split between males and females and spread pretty evenly between archetypes. Elves are probably second only to humans in popularity and they are somewhat versatile. I'll probably avoid doing a heavily armored street samurai type but I'm going to try and cover the other common runner types. Obviously I'm going to be using lithe minis for most of these figs and either doing head swaps or sculpting ears.

I plan to do at least 8 Orcs. Orcs are a fairly common race especially for combat characters and hackers. I'll probably lean more heavily on the combat side with the orcs. I want to do at least three females but I might do four if I can find good figs for conversions. I'm going to have to look for some big human minis for these guys.

For starters I'm only going with 4 Dwarves. They aren't that common as runners. Obviously I'll probably do at least two riggers and a female shaman. The fourth will probably just be a generic runner. It's going to be hard to find good dwarf minis. I'll probably have to look at Warmachine for the mechanic types.

Trolls are going to be hard. I'll probably use Ogres for base minis and I'm only planning on making 3-4. Hopefully I can find at least one suitable female fig. These are also probably going to take more sculpting than the other conversions.

Of course another part of the project will be doing vehicles and drones. Fortunately I have a lot of options out there. The Infinity game has some nice combat bots and there are some other lines out there with some good stuff. Even some of the constructs from D&D could make exotic drones. Very small scale tanks can be turned into tracked drones as well.

Well hopefully I will be able to get some good stuff together. At the moment I just plan to add post to this blog but if things get going I might do a blog just for the project.


Sergeant Crunch said...

Wow, I haven't played Shadowrun since '97. I probably wouldn't recognize the game now. I look forward to this..

Ironworker said...

The setting is different but not so much that you couldn't pick it back up. The system is pretty nice and they have really cut down on the bucket of dice problem the older rules had.

Anonymous said...

Cool ideas Ironworker. I've just recently started looking at introducing my RP friends to ShadowRun. I haven't played since 1st Edition but the new 4th Ed. looks really good. I'll definitely be watching your blog for some mini's and terrain ideas.

Zeboodes said...

Cant wait to see what you come up with. Am a current 'runner' myself and cant find a decent figure to use. ETA? *crosses fingers*