Sunday, January 29, 2012

Station 42 "Outskirts" update!

 We've been working on several projects for the outlying points of interest around Station 42.  I've been working on "houses" for Hardscrabble and Ramshackle.  I made several buildings out of cork tile to serve as basic residential houses for the two villages.  I wanted to do a simple roof treatment for some of them so I chose to make it look like they had tar paper roofs. 
First thing I did was take a paper grocery bag and cut it up.  Then I crumpled the paper and soaked in water.  I then used an Iron set on "cotton" to flatten and dry it. 
 After that I cut rectangles out and glued them to the cardboard roofs with a slight over lap.  This way it would look like it was rolled out over the roof. 
I spray panted the roofs black after I got the paper glued down then drybrushed each roof with grey to bring out the texture. 
 Here are the six buildings I finished with simple roofs.  The com station in the back row has a more complicated roof which I plan to use on some of the other buildings. 
 Another project we are doing for the outskirts of Station 42 is this farmstead.  In fact we plan to build a few farms that can be re-arranged to represent several different farms.  This farm is a small subsistence farm.  The building in the foreground will be a pig barn.  The small building is a utility shed.  The painted building in the center is the farm house and the building in the upper right corner is going to be the hydroponics lab.  There are also water tanks a silos.  We also have a garage for this set that isn't pictured. 
 For the hydroponics lab we are building little container gardens.  The containers here are made from water bottle caps.  We then glued a cardboard disk in them then glued sand over that for the "soil". 
 We picked up a number of different fake plants from Hobby Lobby for the "crops".  We tried to pick ones that looked like they would make good scale crops.  We figured with genetically modified crops we didn't have to make them look like anything specific. 
 Here were the first three I made as test subjects.  The one on the right is the most exotic.  If I ever make an alien jungle I'm using these extensively.
 We had nine caps made up so here are the results of a couple of hours of clipping and gluing.  I really like the way these came out and this seems like a reasonable number of containers for the Hydroponics lab.  Of course we will be making more for other farms. 
 My wife has built most of the buildings for the Station 42 project.  Here she is adding detail to the hydroponics lab. 
 Just for fun I thought I would include this "Bag of Cthulhu"  I picked up at a local game store.  I can't wait to build a temple for my Call of Cthulhu games. 
Finally I picked up a copy of Tomorrow's War by Ambush Alley.  We plan to use this rule set for larger scale battles in our 3031 setting that Station 42 is part of.  I've barely looked through the rules but they look interesting so far.


Mik said...

Love the hydroponics lab, Station 42 is growing quite nicely, err, no pun intended.

The Lord of Excess said...

This stuff is awesome!! We've really been Jonez'in to try out TW and some rocking 15MM action! What your doing with terrain is exactly what has pulled my tiny gaming group this direction ... just so open and free from the constraints we've been used to with 28 MM but also with games like 40K, etc. Thanks for some really awesome posts on this ... very motivational!

El Senyor Verd said...

Great work!
There are a lot of good ideas. Thank you for share them.

PapaSpanky said...

Im in the process of redoing a roof and I will be using the tarpaper roll method now that you reminded me of how good that looks. Thanks and credit will be given!