Friday, July 27, 2012

2nd Battle of Bunker 1138

 With the ammo recovered by the crew of the "Maxed Out" the Titania Planetary Guard and the local militia units decided it was time to re-take Bunker 1138.  The Hell Knights have been using the bunker as a Forward Operating Base since they took control of it early in the conflict.  The Hell Knights were outnumbered two to one but they had superior skill and equipment.
 The first shots exchanged were between the snipers.  The Hell Knights sniper wounded Redjack from Boon's Militia but Redjack and the other militia snipers returned fire and took the merc out.
 The Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Watch moved into cover behind some discarded barrels on the left flank of the Titania forces but many were gunned down by the Armored Assault squad in the bunker.  The heavy blasters of the mercenaries were more than a match for light militia troops.
A militia technical moves in to support the Titania forces.  These lightly armored but heavily armed vehicles have proven quite dangerous in previous battles.
 More technicals come into play providing cover for Dutton's gang. as they advance into cover near the center of the Titania Forces line.
 On the left flank of the mercenary line the Hell Knights Scouts trade fire with Titania Planetary Guard units.  Both sides take heavy casualties.
 On the mercenaries right flank another technical arrives and cuts the other Hell Knights scout squad to ribbons which causes the survivors to break and run.
 A Titania Planetary Guard tank enters the field on the Titania forces right flank.  Armed with a laser cannon and a scatter laser it is well equipped to handle heavy and light threats.
 One of the technicals is taken out of action by the mercenary "Marksman" battle suit but it take some damage in the exchange.
 Dutton's Gang doesn't find any more protection from the chemical barrels than the Pleasant Valley crew did.  The Hell Knights veteran rifle squads prove their marksmanship.
 Two other technicals are taken down by the battle suit and armored assault squad.  The open ground in front of the bunker is proving to be a nasty kill zone.
 The Planetary Guard Tank moves in and starts trading shots with the veteran rifle squad.  The tank takes some damage from the battle suit but continues to advance knocking down a tent in the middle of the field.
 One squad of veteran riflemen are taken down through the combined fire of the tank and the Planetary Guard troops on the opposite ridge.
 Dutton's Gang retreats from it's position in the center of the Titania line after suffering heavy casualties.
 Bodies begin to pile up in a crater on the Titania forces left flank.  The rest of the Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Watch lie dead or wounded along with several Planetary Guards.
 The Tank and the Battle Suit continue to exchange fire.  Both are damaged but not taken out of action.
 Carson Boon is shot down near the wreckage of one of the militia technicals.  His force field fails to protect him against the heavy blasters of the Armored Assault Squad.
Though they had inflicted serious casualties on the Titania forces the Hell Knights commander could see that it was unlikely that he or his men would survive.  The mercenary contacted the Planetary Guard commander and offered terms.  The Mercenaries offered to withdraw with their wounded if the Titania forces would halt their assault.  The Planetary Guard commander agreed to the terms.

Notes:  We played this battle out over a month ago.  Since then we have also played another Episode of "Maxed Out" that I need to put up.  I'm not entirely sure if I got all the details correct but this is basically how things turned out.  I believe we gave the Titania forces a point advantage because they were assaulting a fortified position.  I think the next battle will be a straight up fight.  

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