Monday, September 24, 2012

Danzig Daily News: Colonel Müller Rescued by Hel's Huscarls

 Colonel Lars Müller commander of the Regional Defense Force units charged with defending Danzig was one of the only survivors of the initial encounter with what is looking like a large force of pirates that landed just two days ago near Avendorf.  Colonel Müller attempted to retreat from the field with his heavily damaged Atlas AS7-S assault class Battlemech.  A Lance of pirates managed to cut him off before he could reach the capitol city of Tenewald.  The Hel's Huscarls mercenaries, recently contracted by the government of Danzig, landed a rapid response Lance of Battlemechs to attempt a rescue.
 The mercenaries engaged the pirates as they closed in on the Colonel's Atlas destroying a "Locust" light mech early in the engagement.  The Colonel also fought bravely with what few weapon systems he had in tact.
 The pirate mechs had also been damaged in the previous engagement but they were still dangerous adversaries.  Of note was the hulking 75 ton Marauder MAD-3D which led the pirate force.
By the end of the fighting three of the pirate mechs including the Marauder were either destroyed or out of commission.  Surrounded and with no where to run the pilot of the pirate Centurion CN9-AL surrendered.  All four of the pirate mechwarriors survived and where arrested by local authorities.

Notes:  This is the first of what we hope turns into a simple little Classic Battletech home campaign.  The Campaign is set on the Planet Danzig in the Hanseatic League deep in the Periphery.  This first encounter was suppose to be a simple rescue operation for the Mercenaries played by my wife and daughter.  It ended up being a total victory.  The Atlas was heavily damaged and low on ammunition and the pirates all had some damage as well but nothing too serious.  Due to bad rolls on my part and a lot of concentrated damage on their part the battle ended very badly for the pirates who were about to bug out anyway.  I'm not really sure how far we are going with this campaign.  Hopefully it will be less labor intensive than our Station 42 campaign which we are still playing.  We may be switching back and forth between map based and terrain on this campaign.  Whatever works out best in the long run.  


The Angry Lurker said...

Nice minis. not familiar with the range or rules....yet!

Scott Pyle said...

Love that classic Marauder, Nathan!

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