Thursday, October 11, 2012

Infinity "How low can you go?" terrain challenge: Layout and stuff

 I'm working on the Layout of my main buildings for my infinity terrain challenge table.  I think I'm going to go with two factories instead of the strip mall The boxes I'm using just as a general guideline.  There will be streets and the factory yards will be fenced in and there will be a lot of things in them.  I'm also going to fence in a "parking area behind the workers dormitories and I'm going to have advertisements and planters running down the middle of the streets to break up those large kill zones.
Here is a shot of some of my minis next to the crates to show their scale.  Not all of the openings will be windows.  I'm going to block some of them off and add some tech bits and doors of course.

I picked up a couple packages of cheap razors and plastic cloths pins at the Dollar General for adding details.  They were each a dollar so it was about $4.20 with tax which brings my total up to $48.08.  That's almost half of my target goal and I still have some other expenses to look at.  Hopefully I'll stay on target.  


Finnian Beazlie said...

I was so excited for the stip mall! I thought it was a brilliant idea. Did you ever play the original Mech commander? one of the pieces of scenery in that game was a strip mall, and for some reason it was so refreshing to see that there would still be the need for them in the year 3000.

Ironworker said...

I may go with it or a convenience store. I'm working on the apartments first anyway. I'll almost certainly be building a futuristic strip mall for one of my other projects.

Roebeast said...

These are going to be very cool. I'm working on some similar stuff for Mega City 1 and I've been saving those nice meat containers for building tops as well. Great minds think alike and all that.