Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Hyborian Adventurers and Slavers

 Just thought I would add a shot of my next group of Hyborian Adventurers.  These are all Reaper minis.  The three in the back are from the Bones line.  The photo isn't as nice as I like because I just hand held the shots and used direct flash.  No time to set up my lighting this afternoon.
Here are some slavers.  These are Servants of Set from Westwind games I think.  From the Chaos in Cairo line.


Lasgunpacker said...

Nice work. What did you think of the Bones?

Ironworker said...

Well they have their ups and downs. They are much softer of course. Like the D&D pre paints. Not quite that bad but close. They are harder to prep. Mold lines must be cut away with a very sharp razor knife. You have to be very careful with primers and sealers. Check their forums. They are easy to convert and much less expensive of course. The monsters are probably the best deals because they are robust and better for the softer material.