Saturday, March 29, 2014

Solar Empires Blog Planned!

We've decided with a bit of reluctance to create a blog for our Solar Empires projects.  In the past I have tried different blogs for specific games and it hasn't really worked out very well.  Also I've asked for feedback on the subject and a lot of people have said they feel I should keep all content on this blog.  I know that makes sense from a certain point of view but I think We have good enough reasons to make a setting specific blog.
What we are looking at doing is making a kind of living blog for the setting.  More of a fluff resource.  The main page will be presented as a kind of System News site while I will have tabs detailing several locations and governments as well as other aspects about the setting.  It is likely that the Solar Empire specific game reports will move to that blog or at least news stories about them as well as other details about the blog.  Chances are RPG reports will remain on this site with news stories about them on the living blog while the wargame reports will likely exist on that site in basically the same form.  I may include galleries of images and the out of character game synopses on this site like the notes I post at the end of every report but more extensive.
Pretty much all of the production stuff for Solar Empires will remain on this blog.  All the; conversion and scratch building, painting and terrain, and planning about the site will remain here.
I am somewhat worried that we won't be able to maintain both blogs very well and that we will end up bringing all the content back to this site but we think this will be the best way to organize the content.
Anyway we will see if this works out.