Saturday, January 16, 2016

KP-767 Dewback Spice Freighter

I scratch built some freighters from some a couple of Old Spice deodorant bottles and random plastic bits for my Star Wars Shards of the Empire game.  These are in X-wing scale and they are a bit larger than the YT-1300 model from that game so they are large ships.  I'm using the Hound's Tooth stats but I'm giving the ship a 360 degree firing arc with it's primary weapon and a single missile slot.  I'm not worried about points because these are not going to be used outside my campaign.  the one on the left is slightly larger so it's a slightly heavier variant.  

They turned out a little plain and I would like to have plated them up a bit more but I only had a couple evenings to get them put together and painted so I'm happy with them.