Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ziggurat of Happiness!

 Just got in a Ziggurat of Battlemechs in the form of the new Alpha Strike Lance packs.  I purchased all 8 lance packs and got an extra Striker lance to bring the total to 36 mechs or 3 companies.

I also picked up two of the new Shadowhawk 2H models based on the new artwork.  They look beautiful!

Here is the Command Lance painted up.  I picked up one of these and a Pursuit lance a few weeks ago.  These have really great detail.  In some ways better than the metal minis.  I would have to say that these mechs are some of the best plastic minis I have ever purchased.  They also had very little in the way of mold lines or flaws.  For table top purposes you can paint them straight out of the box.  


Lasgunpacker said...

Are all the Alpha Strike lance boxes plastic? Might have to look into them if so. I stopped paying as much attention to Battletech after the starter went out of print and never came back.

Ironworker said...

Yes they are all the same plastic that the last printing of the boxed set was. Very high quality. Detail as sharp or sharper than metal and less clean up.