Thursday, September 7, 2017

Battletech Leopard Drop Ship on the Cheap

 I'm getting ready to run a Battletech RPG and I was wanting to include some Battletech wargame sessions as a part of my game.
 My group has a lance of mechs and a few support vehicles so a Leopard dropship will be an excellent for them as the game progresses.
Problem is that there isn't much available in the way of mech scale dropships.  Iron Wind Metals does have a Leopard dropship but it is expensive and kind of ugly looking.
So I did what any good wargamer would do in that situation and I asked my wife to make me one.  She went with a hybrid of the classic Leopard style and the Mechwarrior Online stile and I think it's coming along nicely.


joe5mc said...

Great job!

The Composer said...

Okay. I'm impressed. Your wife has some skills there. :)