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Chronicles of Highcliff Jouney to Orc Island Part 2

Chronicles of Highcliff
Journey to Orc Island Part 2
The Haunted Forest

As told by
Snori Wallburg
Translated from the original hill dwarf by Nathan Miller

Wednesday 5th day of the Harvest Moon, Year of the Horse.
Well out first attempt to traverse the Haunted Woods have come up short on account of a band of ornery Orcs of the Rock Fist tribe. In order to avoid another mess like that one we snuck into the woods before we got to the trail head. We also took Grottz our orc captive with us.

This however did not prove to be of much help. After treckin a fer piece along the trail, after we found it, we was ambushed by a pair of wild hell hounds.

Hell hounds are nasty critters to be sure. Wish I could say their bark was worse than their bite but their bite is pretty darn nasty. On top of the usual dangers when fightin hound type varmints hell hounds can also breath fire. Helsa found this out the hard way as one of em lit her up pretty bad.

Grottz also got lit on fire by the same hound that got Helsa but he managed to find a small pool to jump into. Joe found he before he could sneak away. Not that he was gonna try. He was burned up pretty bad.

With Helsa knocked out cold we decided to make a camp where we was. I was on watch and Aleena was up as well readin some book of hers when I saw somethin shamblin down the road towards our camp. I was a group of undead skeletons.

I commenced to shoutin and with Joes help we dispatched the undead patrol fairly easily but not with out a few cuts and bruises.

Thursday 6th day of the Harvest Moon, Year of the Horse
Well we was in bad shape and nearly out of our healin potions so we decided we had no choice but to turn back once again and head to town. Luckily we managed to get out of the woods without runnin afoul of any nasty varmints lookin to do us harm.
We were runnin out of gold so after we got healed up again Helsa and I decided to sell off some of our loot we found in the Hexor cults hide out. We managed to find a shop run by a pair of Dwarves named Hengst and Hogarth’s Weapons and Armor, New and Used. They gave us a fair price for the equipment we had so we decided to head to a local waterin hole to see if we could find anyone else who could help us. We found a pair of humans there, Molly Malone a rougish looking young woman and Finnius Fillmoor a cleric of Fharlanghn. We decided to head out first thing in the mornin to make a third attempt to get through the woods.
Friday 7th day of the Harvest Moon, Year of the Horse

Well we headed out again early in the mornin and we were makin pretty good progress. Just when I was thinkin we might make it through the woods this time I was hit in the arm by a black arrow. A few other arrows wizzed passed our ears before we spotted some hobgoblin archers up on a hill takin pot shots at us.

We started headin up the hill but before we got to the archers another group jumped out and attacked us. The archers fled however and after we dealt with their friends we began to chase the varmints right into another group of em. As we was tryin to get at that group a third group started shootin at us from a rocky outcropping.

So we was in a runnin battle for quite a bit the archers would stay out of range while their friends tied us up a few at a time.

We finally started to wear them down but they made it hard for us. They would seem to retreat but would instead maneuver in such a way as to support the other groups or consolidate their forces.

When we finally managed to finish them off we had all been shot at least a few times. Still we hadn’t faired too bad. No one had taken a serious wound so we pressed on down the trail.

In the mid after noon we was supprised to see a small group of pirates running down the road towards us. They weren’t looking for a fight but as they passed us you could see they had been terribly frightened by somethin in the woods.

It wasn’t long until we came across the remains of 20 some odd pirate bodies on the trail. We couldn’t tell what killed em but they was all dead so we buried them in a mass grave and said some words even if the rascals didn’t deserve it. We decided to press on a bit further then set up camp just off the trail. We set up watches and settled down fer the night.

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