Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chronicles of Highcliff
Journey to Orc Island Part 3
The Haunted Forest Part 2

As told by
Snori Wallburg
Translated from the original hill dwarf by Nathan Miller

Seein all them corpsified pirates was somewhat disturbin but we figured we had to get through the woods if we was gonna have a chance to help the youngins. Wasn’t too long until we found a place to camp. We pitched out tents, set watches, and prayed to the gods we would have a peaceful night. As luck would have it though our prayers went unanswered.

A few hours after the witchin hour Helsa and I was patrollin the camp when we saw several shadowy figures shambling in our general direction. I never seen such a host of walkin dead in all my years. I’d say there were at least 30 in three groups an each one of the groups was lead by a wight. Well there wasn’t nothin to do but fight em off as best we could whilst shoutin and hollerin to try and wake our companions. Fortunately Aleena was also awake readin on a book. That elf never sleeps.
Helsa clutched her holy symbol and called upon the power of Heironeous as she strode towards 10 of the walkin dead. The lesser skeletons she was facing fled from her but the wight was undeterred and kept commin.

Aleena stood before a second group of undead types and began to cast a spell. Suddenly the ground beneath their feet turned slippery as a greased pig. The wight an several of the skeletons she was facing fell over.

Havin neither magical hoodo nor holy powers to call upon I did the next best thing. I grabbed my axe and charged head first into the third group of Undead. Several however slipped passed me.

I was havin no kind of luck trying to kill the undead ghoolies that was facin me an I was a startin to get concerned. Fortunately though all the racket we was causin woke up Mary and Joe and they joined the fray. Just about that time Helsa was gettin the better of the wight but I was gettin quite surrounded and I began to wonder if I was finally gonna meet Moradin.

After what seemed like ages and a day our sleepy cleric Finnias managed to rouse himself to battle.

I guess he needed a little extra shut eye cause after a quick survey of your situation he pulled out his holy symbol and called upon Fharlanghn to protect us seein as how we was travelin an protection of travelers was his thing.
I don’t know what kind of power Fharlanghn has but he must get powerful upset when travelers are in trouble cause the whole host of skeletons I was fightin vanished in a cloud of dust. All of em sept the wight who I was still wrastlin with.

Now Helsa seems like a brave paladin and she seems devout but her god must be a tad sadistic cause as only her luck would have it the last wight an another skeleton managed to pull themselves up from the greasy pit Aleena had formed below their feet and they charged Helsa straight away.

This proved to be more than Helsa could handle. The wight managed to knock her out with one powerful blow.

Fortunately for her Finnias and Aleena were there to save her from certain death. I also managed to finally send the wight I was fightin to the grave…..again.

Finnias immediately knelt beside Helsa and prayed for her protection. It was a good thing he did too because otherwise we may have lost our brave Paladin.

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