Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Atlantis Campaign Part 2

Part 2
After leaving our dig site we notice that the French soldiers are following us in their own truck.

Just as we settle in for the long drive back to Essaoria someone starts to shoot at us from the top of a large rock. The truck is hit and starts to sputter a bit.

Two more individuals start to fire at us from up the road. One of them even has an automatic rifle.

We pull over behind some rocky hills to the right of the road. The French soldiers follow and get out of their truck as well.

The ambushers from the large hill continue to fire on us.

One of the soldiers is hit and goes down. The French move into cover and return fire.

More attackers come out of their hideing places. Suddenly we hear a familier howl. The beast we had slain at the dig site had returned from the dead!

Just as things were looks bad Allison shot down one of the ambushers on the large hill.

Emily and I only had pistols so we decided to try an get a better position on the attackers near the road.

One of the men took a shot at Emily as he ran past the hill she had just climbed. Fortunately he missed.

It became apparant that these weren't local tribsmen attacking us. They had the look of mercenaries as all but one of them was of European desent. The fellow with the automatic rifle was spraying bullets wildly as his comrads advanced but as frequent as his fire was he didn't seem to be hitting anything. I'm not sure but I think I heard him singing a song above the din though I couldn't make it out.

A rather large African man charged up the hill towards Emily and I dodging fire the whole way.

The beast charged a French soldier and tore into him in a savage fury.

Jack didn't like the look of the fellow with the large sword charging us. Before I could stop him he charged the man barking at him and nipping at his heals.

Ignoring our dog he charged Emily and hit her in the head with the pommel of his massive blade. This only made jack madder and he took a pretty nasty bite out of the brute's hand.

Allison tried to shoot the beast which was now feasting on a french soldiers entrails. Though it appeared to hit she aparntly had shot through a hole in it's decayed carcus.

Drawing my sword cane I jumped up on a rock and took a stab at the large man attacking my daughter. He barely managed to avoid my carefully aimed thrust.

The rest of the soldiers avenged their fallen comrad with a hail of bullets that again killed the horrid creature. At least we hoped it was dead this time.

Unfortunately their chears were cut short as another of them was shot down by our attackers.

The man with the BAR continued to pour fire into the fray and continued to miss everything he shot at.

Aparantly I had the attention of the swordsman. He turned his blade on me and I only just managed to dodge.

Jack bit into the mans just as he was about to swing at me again. It must have thrown him off center as he fell to the ground below us knocking himself out in the process.

In all the excitement one of the attackers had managed to sneak up on one side of the hill. He made a dash for my truck which was still running dodging bullets the whole way. He managed to jump into the dirvers seat without so much as a scratch.

We continued to shoot at him as he drove away.

The rest of our attackers took that as their cue to flee!

As they ran away it occured to me that not only was all my equipment on the truck but also some of the artifacts and information we had found at the dig site. Fortunately Emily still had the strange key but the rest had been captured by our attackers. Captain La Clede assigned one of his men to look after the wounded and the rest of us loaded into the truck the French truck to try and track down our stolen artifacts.

To be continued.......

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