Friday, February 29, 2008

Projects for the rest of 2008

I decided I needed to put together a project list for the rest of the year. These are in the order I'm working on them but some are larger than others. Basically I'm trying to focus on each project for at least a month and some of them two. I don't expect to always get everything done for them that month but hopefully by setting aside some time where the project will get priority will help me get as much done as possible. The year is pretty split between Pulp adventure projects and some Sci-Fi armies for No-Limits. I'm trying to set up some army list for my own 23rd century space exploration setting. I've made the graphics below so that when I'm listing an update for a project it will be clear what project I'm working on it for. These are just miniature projects. I will also be adding three or four terrain projects soon but terrain tends to be a colaborative effort at our house so I'll list those seperately. My goal is to also have most of the figs for each project aquired and assembles/primed by the start of each project.
This was my January/Febuary project. My goal was to get my pulp adventurer collection up to 30-50 miniatures. At the start of the year I think I had five and now I have 26 unless you count the Pulp Figures Cops I just finished as personalaties. I know I fell short but I nearly got all my pulp personalaties on hand compleated. I have only 7 or so unfinished at the moment though I have a few more on the way. I think I can work the rest in during the comming months.

This is my project of March. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it because I have a lot of uses for such a project. I have 5 Tramp Steamer Sailors on my workbench right now and another 10 on order. The Tethys will be scratch build probably out of foamcore, cardboard, and wood. I've built a couple sailing ships but never a steamer so this should be interesting.

My April project will be Adversaries for my Pulp games. These will be creatures like mummies and dinosaurs and the like and perhaps a few villians as well.

This project is for May. I already have six of these guys painted up and another 18 or so based and primed so this project should go smoothly. My end goal is to have 20-30 Marines.

In June I plan to work on my small Freikorps army. I already have 10 done from last year and 30 more primed and ready to paint so this is another project that is looking good.

My July project will be French Foreign Legion. Unfortunately I don't have any figs for this project yet but I'm looking to do about 20-30.

This is my August project. I plan to build a rag tag force of about 30-40 space pirates and a few support weapons and vehicles. I have a lot of figs for a lot of lines and I plan to make these guys pretty diverse so I don't expect a problem getting the force together. This will be a No Limits force.

For Sepetember and October I plan on doing more of a modeling project. I'm going to be building some planes from the 20s and 30s as well as doing a few more pilots. I don't really have any kits at the moment but I know where to get them so I'm going to start collecting them soon.

In November I plan to do the Martian Soviet Socialist Republic. I have some figs for this project but I plan to aquire more and some support items as well. November just seemed like a good month for a communist uprising. This will be another 20-30 figure army for No-Limits. I'm going to focus on models with heavy build gear and over built support weapons and armor. Vehicles will be tracked and wheeled for the most part.

Finally in December I'll be doing the Terra/Lunar Alliance. These are the "Champions of Democracy" type forces for my 23rd century No Limits settting. The T.L.A. will be sleaker and more modern looking than the M.S.S.R. and will also consist of 20-30 figs. The vehicles will be high tech and hover/skimmer type craft.


Kevin said...

Wow, this is an awesome breakdown of projects. I don't know why I never thought of breaking up my painting/modeling into bite-sized projects. I think I'm too afraid of progress.

Thanks for the inspiration, I look forward to the adventures!

Anonymous said...

Cool. looking forward to the pulp adverseries and how you interprate the old tramp steamer build. should be AWESOME