Friday, April 11, 2008

Too much free time not enough focus.

Well I haven't had a blog entry in over a week here partially because I'm moving to another town. The good thing about that is that the town I'm moving two has two pretty active game stores and a lot of gamers and the town I currently live in really has neither.

Packing up all my miniatures and game stuff has been both a blessing and a curse. I've found a lot of projects I had lost track of but I also became even more aware of the many projects I have that are in various stages of completion or lack there of. I can't believe how many unfinished projects I've built up and how close some of them are to being done and have been that way for years. I also became aware of how many gaps I have in my collection and how unfocused my miniature painting has been. I've got a few minis painted for lots and lots of different game settings but most of them are not well covered. For instance I have a good collection of Star Wars minis for RPGs and I'm getting a good collection of Pulp era figures but I was shocked to find that I have fewer than a dozen character minis for D&D because I've sold several over the years and have not been replacing them. I've got a few modern minis and a lot small faction lots from various war games and not one of them large enough to field a good "army" at this time. Sure they look impressive all together but they really don't amount to much. I'd say ebay has been a factor in this situation because I've sold off a lot of my old stuff but I've also been pretty bad about picking up minis for too many systems and not getting enough painted for any one army. I still own thousands of minis though and I would imagine I have no more than a few hundred painted.

Another thing I've noticed lately is just how many unfinished web pages I have made over the years. I've had five different pages dedicated to miniature games all of which seem incomplete.

The Moto Bushi School is probably my oldest and it's dedicated to Clan War. Naturally the demise of that game didn't help.

Valhalla Painting Studio is something I set up back when I was selling painted minis on ebay. I started out just selling off minis I didn't want but then I started selling off minis from my collection just to keep auctions up on a regular basis. This burned me out pretty bad and left me with pretty big gaps in my collection. I've sold minis on e-bay since then but never on a regular basis.

Star Wars Adventures in Miniature is an old page from about 2001 or 2002. I was doing a lot of sculpting and converting back then although I still didn't have a good camera so I was laying most of my minis on a flat bed scanner.

Nathan Miller's Art of Miniature Gaming was an early attempt to get all my spread out material under the same roof or at least be a hub for my previous attempts.

My Cool Mini or Not Gallery by 2003 I finally had a good enough camera to post some pics in this cutthroat community. Unfortunately I don't paint for contest so I never got very good scores. I still post randomly on CMON but oddly most of my best minis I don't bother posting there.

The Border Princes was my old Warhammer club. We hung together for about a year or two but then everyone started moving away. Most of us stay in contact but the club is mostly dead. I may start it back up again after my move because there isn't a lot of support for Warhammer Fantasy where I'm moving and I think it's a far better system than 40k which of course had a big following.

My Displaced Miniatures Gallery lately I've been posting a few figs on Displaced Miniatures. For some reason however the feedback features seem to be disabled so all you can really do is put minis up and look at the pretty pictures.

Then there is this blog which I hope actually surpasses all my other attempts. So far I've been much better at updating it than most of my previous web pages. I guess I'll just have to start staying focused. :)


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