Friday, May 23, 2008

The Best Laid Plans......

Well moving has thrown off all my projects for the year. I didn't think it would cause this much of a problem but it has. There is just no way I'll be able to finish up everything I have planned. I'm cutting all my sci-fi projects, Bretheren of the Belt, The M.S.S.R., and The TLA from this years list. I'm also dropping The Tethys my tramp steamer contest. The rest of my pulp projects I'm going to continue to work on but with some adjustments. Also I have already found a regular game group in Warrensburg Missouri where I am moving but part of being in that group is that I have to run a game for the group and they would like me to run the Serenity RPG so I'm adding Serenity to my project list. There are only six months left in the year so I'm going to have to change how I was origionally going to handle my projects. For one thing I had too many so I'm instead going to make two projects my priority while the rest I will work on but not put any particular deadline or specific goal on. They are all Pulp projects.

Primary Projects:

Adversaries for my Pulp games. These will be creatures like mummies and dinosaurs and the like and perhaps a few villians as well. Right now i have about 6 generic savages, 9 mummies, 9 wolves, 5 wearwolves, 8-10 cultist, 10 frog men, 10-20 lost world skinks, and about 10 other beast and creatures. I'd also like to add a few dinos but I'm not sure yet which ones. I'm not setting a date on this other than the end of the year.

Since I'm running the Serenity RPG for my new game group I need to get some minis painted up for it. I've already got some Sci-Fi humans from Star Wars but I could use a few more. The good thing about the serenity setting is that humans are pretty much all you have to deal with. My plans are to do about 10-20 more human types. 10 or so Alliance Fedrals using some Starship Trooper minis I have which is perfect since the troopers from the Firefly TV show wore Starship Trooper armor. I will also be doing 10-20 Reavers using mostly the Scared from Dark Age games since they are a close match. I hope to be ready to start running this game in a couple months so this is really a summer project althout I'm sure I'll be adding things as the campaign runs along.

Secondary Projects:

These are all pulp projects. They have no specific timeline or goal I'll just be working on them as i can.


jon23516 said...

Borderline off topic, but, how do you like the Serenity RPG? I loved the show/movie but wonder how much RP you can do in that universe?

Then there are the mechanics, I haven't seen them, but a friend described them as different and not d20.


Ironworker said...

I think the setting has a great deal of room for RP. Certainly more than Battlestar Galactica the other major title by MWP. The Verse seems ripe for smuggling and adventure. I've run a few games in it and didn't have any problem comming up with material.
The mechanics were not my favorite. They are pretty loose and skip some important information but the character creation is quite simple. I was crafting NPCs on the fly while running and that's someone that's pretty hard to do with other settings.

jon23516 said...

Do you play other RPG systems? How difficult would it be to transfer stuff to another system?

Pre-Dark Heresy and soon after watching Serenity in the theater I considered using WFRP to create the Serenity/Firefly archetype characters for RP in the 40k universe but it never materialized.

I may wander that way again at some point using Dark Heresy as a base. But, too many sub-projects, too little time.