Monday, May 19, 2008

Two Bit Pulp Hero

I was visiting my friendly local game store yesterday when I spyed these two Lobster Johnson figures from Heroclicks on the singles shelf. I asked the guy who runs the shop how much they were and I was a bit supprised to get them so cheaply. I got the pair for $0.75. One was $0.50 because it was rarer and the other was just $0.25. Just twentyfive cents and a real nice pulpy looking sculpt. I snatched them both up. I decided to do a conversion on the cheaper one so I carved off his symbol and swapped his head with a head from Games Workshop's Bretonian Knights boxed set. I had the carve down the neck area to make it fit the figure but it wasn't too hard. I also cut the little disk under the feat off and mounted the figure on a Games Workshop small round base. The conversion took like an half hour at best and all I used was an exacto knife and super glue.
Here you can see the converted fig between two 28mm figures. The one on the left is from Copplestone Casting and the one on the right is from Pulp Figures. I think he makes a pretty good match height and size wise.

I puttied and textured the base then I primed the figure with a light coat of Duplicolor Sandable Primer. I tried not to get too heavy here because the company paint was still on most of the figure and I didn't want to obsure any more detail than i had too.

The figure painted up fairly well. I did a bit of a rush job on him because I wanted to see how he would look. I spent about two hours on the paint job. It was pretty straight forward. It's not a very complicated sculpt and I didn't want to get very fussy because I wanted to have a project that was both cheap and fast. I'd say the entire project has less than 4 hours of bench time on him and I think he turned out alright. Now I have a totally unique pulp adventure that cost me less than a dollar and only a few hours time.

I think he looks pretty reasonable on my pulp shelf. He's not going to win me any painting contest but I'm very happy with this project as it expanded my pulp figure colletion at a very low cost in terms of both time and money. I plan to do more conversions based on Heroclicks and other cheap plastic miniatures. They are just so cheap you can't pass them up and the sculpts look a lot nicer painted up to even moderate gamer standards compaired to the poor quality paint jobs they come with.

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