Monday, March 21, 2011

Stargate Stuff!

I'm running a short Stargate game for my regular gaming group using the Savage Worlds rules system. I put together this "flying saucer" spaceship for that game. The ship is made from two microwavable plates glued together. I put a deck on the top made from matt board and plaster then I covered that with bits from a couple star wars model kits. I would like to have added more detail but time did not allow. I'm fairly happy with this as I was going for a cross between a retro flying saucer look and a more modern concept of a space ship. I think it came out well enough to use in a number of sci-fi settings.

Here you can see a closeup of the detailing on the ship. Most of the bits came from the "Battledroid on STAP" and a large X-wing model but a couple parts came from the "Anakin's Podracer" model.

This is a group of as yet unidentified "Aliens" that the SG teams in my game have encountered. They have found them extremely hard to kill but oddly armed with unusual sub machine guns that fire rounds marked "9 Luger". They seem to be the owners of the space ship. The figures come from East Riding Miniatures . They are nice little minis but not over detailed. I speed painted the whole group up in about an hour.

Here are some SG members made up of swat and militia minis from Wargames Foundry. I have 7 players in my Stargate game divided into two SG teams of four with on of the teams rounded out with an NPC.

Just thought I would show off the furniture I've finished lately. Unfortunately I'm not sure who made any of these pieces as the packaging got away from me. The lockers and containers are from a different company than the beds.

Another closeup shot of these pretty nice pieces. If I can find out who made them I'll make a post about it.


Chris said...

Some lovely stuff there - nice use of the slicks, I love that craft!

Scott Pyle said...

Your players are lucky, Nathan!

Lasgunpacker said...

that saucer ship is pretty cool! I think it could work as a tank too, depending on the setting. Just give it an olive drab coat, some camo for the upper deck, stowage, and a pindle mounted gun, and you are done!

Ironworker said...

Thanks guys! It's pretty big for a tank but I've been considering trying to find two smaller saucers then using the same basic ideas to build a "hover" tank.

Joel said...

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