Friday, March 25, 2011

Nova Corp's "Skysweeper" class patrol craft

I've been working on converting and painting the two "Skysweeper" jets for my Nova Security Company that I'm building for my spaceport project. I've pretty much followed the same method for converting this ship that I used on my original Skysweeper project. The only difference is that I have left the Missile and bomb pylons in place because I intend to fully arm the Nova ships with missiles and bombs.
I've tried to evoke the idea of the "Black and White" look of a Police car with my paint job. I'm pretty satisfied with the results. I will be adding a light bar and some Police decals as well as soon as I find something that will work.

Here is the ship sitting on one of the two landing pads I'm creating for my Nova Corp. base. I've got a lot of detailing left to do on the landing pad but the project is moving along nicely.


Anonymous said...

Ya know you and your project freaking rock. Remind me a lot of the ships from the several in the old Starchaser animated movie beside the newer references.

Great work !

Lee B said...

I found one of these jets for 7 bucks today, and will modify it similarly. I added the rocket boosters from a MACROSS valkyrie to the bomb mounts for a surface-to-orbit look. Thanks for the idea!

Cyborg Trucker said...

Very nice conversion.