Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Battle for Skynyrd Station (a Station 42 War battle report)

 June 17th 3032 just a few kilometers outside of Station 42 on Titania the Hell Knights mercenary company engaged renegade planetary guard and Titania militia units at an outpost owned by Venture Star Prospecting called Skynyrd Station.  This is the largest reported engagement of the conflict that has been going on in the Station 42 region for over a year now.  Just over 100 combatants were involved in the fighting and over a dozen vehicles.  The Hell Knights seemed to be making an attempt to grab Station 42 but were intercepted by a combined Titania in route.  
 A "Guardian" class mech was seen among the Titania forces as well as two medium tanks, three MRAP troop carriers, and a technical vehicle.  The Hell Knights fielded three LAGEREV APCs, one Landshark AFV, a mechsuit, and a light hover tank.
 The armored units classed in the middle of the field.  Both sides dealt considerable damage to each other.  The Hell Knights took up position on and around a hill near the station.
 The Hell Knights concentrated fire on the mech and finally destroyed the walker but the Titania forces had begun to envelope their main position.
 The Titania forces lost a MRAP but continued their advance taking over the hill position previously held by the mercenaries.
 The Hell Knights fell back behind the main office at Skynyrd Station.  A Titania tank and a Hell Knight mechsuit traded heavy fire.
 Another Titania medium tank took a commanding position on the hill overlooking the Skynyrd Station office.
 The Hell Knights formed a new battle line and began to push the Titania tank back.  Titania forces continued to advance under the cover of their armored units.
 Fighting continued around the station office.  One of the Titania medium tanks was destroyed and another MRAP seriously damaged.  Neither side seemed to be able to gain an advantage.
With casualties mounting and many vehicles smoking the Hell Knights commander agreed to withdraw on the condition that they be allowed to recover their wounded and damaged equipment.  General Drake the commander of the Titania forces agreed to these terms.  Although their bid to take control of Station 42 was unsuccessful the Hell Knights did manage to do considerable damage to the Titania forces who withdrew to Station 42 after the fighting.

This has been Clara St. Clair for the Titania News Network.

Notes:  This was a 3000 point No Limits battle for our Station 42 War campaign.  It's the largest one we have played so far for the campaign.  We really wanted to have a set piece battle between the Titania Planetary Guard and the Hell Knights and we wanted to use as much of our armies as we could field.  It was really quite a bit of fun for us to have a battle with this many vehicles and troops with all of them being painted and on finished terrain.  We've been working pretty hard for the last few years to get up to this stage of playing again and we are really happy with the results.  
The game played out pretty well with our usual number of weir die rolls.  My snipers continually hit and continually failed to wound which seems to be their curse.  The Titania mech was actually taken out by two light laser rifles and a frag grenade fired by one of the Hell Knights Veteran rifle squads due to nearly impossible rolls.  We are getting better at the rules and better at playing our armies and we plan to have even larger battles soon with a 4000 point battle we hope to play over the 4th of July weekend.  We will also be playing a number of skirmishes leading up to that.  We just finished a 1500 point skirmish tonight in fact.   

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Patrick W. Rollens said...

This looks fantastic! It's always a treat to see a big pile of well painted figures and vehicles. Very inspiring!