Monday, July 1, 2013

Battle at Boon's Trading post (1500 point No Limits battle report for The Station 42 War)

 June 30th 3032, Titania:  After being turned back in their attempt to occupy Station 42 the Hell Knights made a direct attack on "Boon's Trading Post" owned by militia leader Carson Boon.  Expecting trouble Boon had fortified his business with a sandbag wall and barricades.  In addition to Boon's own men other militia forces were present including sharpshooters from the Titania Hunting Club and a unit commanded by militia leader "Bear" Ivar Belyakov.  Also present was a unit of mercenaries from the Wolfhound Friekorps.  The Titania forces also contained four improvised armored vehicles and a battle cannon light artillery piece.  
 The Hell Knights attacked with two Veteran Rifle Squads, a Scout Squad, two Snipers, three LAGARV apcs, a Hobilar Light Hover Tank, and a Mechsuit.
 The Hell Knights scout squad took a forward position near a rocking outcropping on their right flank.
 Militia units took up position around the trading post while the Wolfhound troopers occupied and rooftop of a house to their left.
 Carson Boon himself took up a position inside his house intent on defending it personally.
 The Hell Knights made an aggressive push destroying one of the improvised armored vehicles.  The APC on their right flank suffered heavy damage in the assault and was forced to withdraw.  The scout squad in the rocky outcropping also took four casualties but held their ground.
 On the Hell Knights left flank a squad of Veteran Riflemen took up a position in a rocky outcropping with the support of their APC and did significant damage to the militia units there.
 Hell Knight armored units on the right flank destroyed more improvised armored vehicles.  The mechsuit was lightly damaged by the Wolfhound unit who also took some casualties.
 Bear's unit managed to destroy the Hell Knight APC attacking the trading post with concentrated assault rifle fire.
 The Hell Knight Veteran squad who had been forced to fall back used the range of their light laser rifles to their advantage shooting down the rest of the Wolfhound troopers outside their range.  The rest of the technical vehicles were destroyed as the Hell Knights secured their right flank.
 On the left flank the damaged APC arrived to support the remainder of the Hell Knight veterans mop up the rest of the defenders.
Carson Boon was forced to to escape from his home by breaking out a window.  Bear's unit covered him as they withdrew from the battle.
This battle was a major loss for the Titania Militia.  Boon had been using his workshop to build improvised armored vehicles for militia forces and they suffered fairly heavy casualties.  Boon has already vowed to have revenge on the Hell Kights for attacking his home.

This has been Alphonso Marks for the Titania News Network.

Notes:  We could have almost called this "The Battle of Too Much Terrain".  Normally we like a lot of terrain but I think we got it a little heavy in this battle.  The Hell Knights actually had a slight point value advantage in this fight of about 150 points.  My wife was allowed to set up the sandbag wall and scatter terrain around the Trading Post however she wanted and normally the militia has proved pretty tenacious in defense.  Normally the "technicals" do a lot more damage as well but I think they were restricted a bit by the dense terrain.  Even my hover craft felt a bit hemmed in.  All in all though it was a good battle the played pretty smoothly.  We didn't really have any new units to play with so it was a pretty easy battle to manage.  I did seem to have better luck with the die rolls which is usually something my wife has more luck with.    
We are both employed at The University of Central Missouri and the new president there has given us a four and a half day holiday for Independence Day so we are planning to play a few skirmishes and one large 4000 point battle in Station 42 itself.  We had originally planned to wrap the campaign up by the end of the summer by we may extend it to the end of the year.  We plan to pick up with a new campaign early next year based on Ceres and the asteroid belt pitting the Martian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Jovian Empire against a rebellion supported by the Confederacy of Outlying Systems and several mercenary armies in the employment of various corporate interest.    

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