Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Little box of joy from Khurasan Miniatures! Federal Infantry

 This last Sunday I placed and order to Khurasan Miniatures for a platoon of Federal Riflemen plus some support weapons.  35 miniatures came to a total of $53.95 with shipping!  That's roughly $1.54 per miniature.  What a steal!  Not to mention I got the order today.  Just 3 business days after I placed the order.  I'm very impressed.    
 The miniatures are very nice.  Not the best sculpts but they are very good and very well styled.  The weapons seem reasonably sized and their equipment is very "Soldier of the Future" in nature.  There are 17 different sculpts in this line and a good selection of heavy type weapons.  Easily enough to make a nice platoon sized force for a 28mm skirmish game.
They fit well with other 28mm lines.  They are a bit on the shorter and slender side and don't scale quite as well with more "heroic" scale lines but they look acceptable for most of the lines I use.

I plan to use these guys as Marines for the Confederacy of Outlying Systems in my Moon Miners and Terraformers setting.

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