Monday, December 16, 2013

My Current Hell Knights Army and the painted Woflhounds force

 Just felt like posting a pic of my Hell Knights army as it stands at this point.  There are 56 troops and 13 vehicles bringing the army total to 69 pieces.  Of course I have quite a ways to go before I "finish" this force but it's a pretty decent army worth several thousand points in No Limits which give my quite a bit of variety for most games in our campaign.
The Wolfhounds have a much more modest force but considering that at the end of October they consisted of only one six man squad I'm very happy with the progress I have made.  I'm planning on focusing on this force for my winter work break and hopefully I will add another 12 troops and a few more vehicles so it will be a nice little army by early in January.


Lobo said...

that's what I call a VERY COOL Sci Fi army!!!

mattblackgod said...

Great looking force. I love the new tanks.

MIK said...

Your stuff never disappoints. Always an inspiration.

Kudos all around.