Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pleasant Valley almost finished!

 Well way back in July 2012 we started on this project for our Solar Empire setting.  Pleasant Valley is a small village near Station 42 on Titania.  It has taken us quite a while to finish up for some reason.  Partly because there were many more buildings involved but also because we haven't felt a pressing need to finish it.  We have always planned to have a battle or two centered around the town but never got around to it.  Because we are trying to finish up this campaign we decided we really needed to finish this set as soon as we could.  Hopefully we will have it done by the end of the month.

 As you can see most of the building are basically done and painted.  Of course that tall silo still needs a paint job and some of the walls we are using also need to be finished up.
Of course we also plan to do some more detail pieces and add some more junk pile scatter terrain and signage but it is almost at the playable. stage.

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mattblackgod said...

Great work so far. I look forward to seeing the town finished.