Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Battle of Beggar's Mesa: A 2160 point battle report for the Station 42 War!

 January 19th 3033:  Early this morning a force of Hell Knight mercenaries engaged a force of Wolfhound Freikorps mercenaries about 20 kilometer east by northeast of Station 42 along Highway 2 near a place known as Beggar's Mesa by the locals.  The Wolfhounds in the employ of the Titania Militia advanced along the highway to protect farms east of Station 42 claimed by Smith and Wilson Agriculture the employers of the Hell Knights.  Two squads of the Wolfhound mercenaries arrived riding super heavy Liger tanks while another arrived aboard a tracked APC.  The Hell Knights arrived in their well know LAGAREV transports supported by a squadron of Douglas medium hover tanks and a single Hobelar light hover tank.

 A squad of Wolfhound Jägers had climbed Beggar's Mesa itself along with another individual believed to be their commander.
 The mesa effectively split the battle into two different zones.  On the east side of the field a single Liger and shock trooper squad faced two Hell Knight tanks and a squad of riflemen.  The Hell Knight riflemen quickly took a hill on the edge of the field supported by their APC.    In this first exchange of fire a single Wolhound was killed while both the Liger and Hobelar took damage.

 On the western side of the field a veteran squad of Wolfhound shock troopers took the largest hill while the other squad took cover in a crater.  The other Liger took up a position where it could provide some covering fire to both sides of the field.  The Jägers used their grappling lines to reach the summit of the Mesa where they had a commanding view of the battlefield.  The Hell Knights charged forward to challenge the Wolfhounds for the hill they occupied.

 The eastern portion of the battle began to heat up.  The Hell Knight APC flanked the shock troopers killing several of them with it's scatter laser and causing the rest of the squad to retreat.  The Hell Knight light tank retreated to the cover of a large hill after taking shots at the Liger.  The Hell Knight Douglas tank shot at the massive Liger failing to do any damage before it moved up into cover.  The super heavy responded by firing at the riflemen but only managed to kill one with it's heavy machine gun.

 Using the superior range and firepower of their battle rifles the Jägers killed three Hell Knight veterans while their grenade launcher damaged the squad's LAGEREV.

 The veteran shock troopers did not fair so well.  The Hell Knight LAGAREV and veteran squad killed three of their members with combined fire and then another LAGAREV flew directly over them disembarking it's riflemen who charged the Wolfhounds killing two more with their bayonets.  The Wofhound APC attempted to ram the LAGAREV but did no damage.

 There are few things worse than facing a super heavy tank at point blank range and the Hell Knight riflemen on the eastern hill learned this the hard way.  Two members of the squad were practically vaporized by an explosive round from the Liger's smooth bore gun while three more were mowed down by the tanks HMG.  The Hell Knight Douglas managed to do more damage to the Liger when both it's rail gun and high explosive missile hit and did damage but that only slowed the super heavy a bit.

 Things got even bloodier on the western hill.  The Wolfhound APC ran three Hell Knights over as it charged up the hill.  The veteran shock trooper was killed by the riflemen but more of the Hell Knights were killed when the regular shock troopers returned fire to avenge their comrade.  The Jägers killed the rest of the veteran riflemen leaving only the Hell Knight commander standing.  The Hell Knight tanks and APCs fired on the Wolfhound transport but only lightly damaged it.

 The Firekorps APC then reversed it's course and ran over two more riflemen leaving only a single member of that squad standing.  Combined fire from the Hell Knight Tanks and APCs did however destroy the Wolfhound vehicle.  The Jägers scored another kill taking out of of the LAGAREVs in response.

 The battle on the eastern side got a bit less intense.  The Douglas and Liger exchanged fire both taking heavy damage.  The remaining grenade launcher armed Wolfhound killed two more Hell Knight riflemen but the rest of that squad shot him down with their light laser rifles.

 On the western side the Hell Knight APCs attempted to mop up the final three Wolfhound shock troopers but the Sargent of the squad survived.  The Jägers took out yet another LAGAREV with their battle rifles and grenade launcher.

 Suddenly the tank battle shifted to the western field.  One of the Douglas tanks was destroyed by the two Ligers.  The remaining Hell Knight tanks poured fire into the Super Heavies and although they did heavy damage they succeeded only in slowing one and taking out the HMG on the other.

The final shot of the battle came from the remaining Hell Knight rifleman on the western side of the field who managed to pull himself together long enough to take a pop shot at one of the Ligers.  Not surprisingly he was unable to damage the super heavy tank with his light laser rifle.

At this point the Hell knight withdrew from the field failing the stop the Wolfhound advance although both mercenary forces had suffered considerable damage and casualties.  41 mercenaries were killed or wounded and four vehicles were completely destroyed.  Many of the other vehicles were heavily damaged.

Although the Wolfhounds had been seen working with the militia and renegade Titania Planetary Guard this is the first time that they have been seen in any force.  It is believed that General Drake and Carson Boon have been receiving a steady flow of donations from across the Confederacy after video of Ivar "Bear" Belkov's daring Christmas raid on the Redwing Farm was circulated by local news agencies.  This will certainly change things considerably in the conflict as it seem public opinion in the Confederacy is strongly on the side of the Titania rebel forces.

This has been Alphonso Marks for the Titania News Network!

Notes:  How did we come up with 2160 points for this battle.  Easy.  That is the what the entire Wolfhound force we have managed to paint added up to.  I (Nate) was actually pretty excited to play this battle because I painted every figure and vehicle on the field although I have to of course give my wife credit for doing some of the scratch building.  We played this battle for six turns and it was a bit grueling taking a bit over four hours to play.  I think this is mostly because we had a number of strange things come up that we don't often deal with.  We have not dealt with a lot of over run situations or ramming situations and we haven't engaged in much hand to hand combat.  Also we have never actually had troops employ their grapple lines so we spent a bit of extra time looking up rules.  For some reason the first turn took over an hour to resolve alone.  I guess we just needed to warm up.  

We are trying to move into a more military phase of the campaign by employing the Wolfhounds, Martians, and Titania Planetary Guard in more straight up battles.  The Titania Militia will continue to play a role but mostly in smaller insurgent engagements.  We are going to try to average 2000+ points for our military oriented battles and will hopefully have a few 3000 and 4000 point engagements.  We plan to wrap the campaign up with year with a climatic battle in Station 42 which will probably be over 6000 points and will involve combined arms of infantry, tanks, mecha, and air support.     


mattblackgod said...

Great looking game. I love your tanks, vehicles and figures. The road looks good. Is it one of your own builds?

Ironworker said...

Thanks! The road is just some tarmac I made for Station 42. I plan to make an actual highway sometime with proper marking and stuff but that is not a real priority at the moment.

MIK said...

It is kind of nice to see it all come together, all the great terrain, all the figs you've been painstakingly working on, all mesh for a pretty epic looking (and sounding) battle. Here's to the next, military phase of the campaign.

Greyson De Saye said...

Hello from Grey in Va. Loved the work on the Toys to Sci fi miniature Master works of Art :-) Well done the hover tanks are Great I'm doing something like this for my Terminator 28mm game . Looking forward to more great works :-) Grey in Va.