Wednesday, December 30, 2015

100 Point Star Wars X-wings game Imperials VS Rebels

 We set up a 100 point match between the Imperials and Rebels today.  The Imperials had Maarek Stele in a Tie Advanced, Mauler Mithel in a Tie Fighter, and three Black Squadron Tie Fighters.  The Rebels had Wedge Antilles in an X-wing, Horton Slam in a Y-wing, a Green Squadron A-wing, and a Rookie Pilot X-wing.    We scattered some asteroids across the middle of the field.  According to the rules you can't have any obstacles within range 2 of any board edge but we thought that was silly so we ignored it.

The first turn saw the Imperial forces push towards the middle of the board while Horton Slam, and the Green Squadron pilot advanced cautiously as Wedge Antilles and the Rookie Pilot banked left.  No one was in range to fire this turn.   

 The second turn saw Horton and the Green Squadron Pilot engaged the Imperials.  The A-wing lost it's shields and Slam I think may have lost one as well.  I believe the Rookie Pilot severely damaged Mauler Mithel this turn as well.

 By the third turn the forces were all engaged.  Wedge got his shields knocked out.  and several Ties were damaged.  I think the Rookie Pilot lost a shield and Horton Slam lost his shields and suffered a hull point.

 On the Fourth turn Maarek Stele, and the Black Squadron pilot took out Wedge Antilles.  Mauler Mithel damaged the A-wing.  Horton Slam damaged another Tie.

 Horton Slam was blinded on the fith turn and left with only one hull point.  I think the Green Squadron Pilot damaged another Tie.

 The sixth turn was pretty uneventful. I don't think anyone took any damage this turn but most of the ships were pretty damaged by this point other than Maarek Stele who had not even lost a shield counter.

 On the seventh turn Horton Slam was shot down by a Black Squadron Pilot and Mauler Mithel was taken down by the Rookie Pilot at long range.

 On the eighth turn the Rookie Pilot was taken out by one of the Black Squadron pilots.

 On the ninth turn Maarek Stele tried to bring down the A-wing with a concussion missile but missed.  The Green Squadron A-wing was taken out by a Black Squadron Pilot before it could fire.

It was an interesting battle.  We have not used obstacles before this battle and they really made things interesting.  The Rebels were more daring than the Imperials flying through the Asteroids.  The A-wing avoided damage twice while Wedge avoided hitting one asteroid.  Only one Black Squadron pilot was forced to dodge.
Our son made these really cool LEGO ships while we were playing.  We've decided we are going to scratch build these ships for use in our X-wing games.

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