Monday, December 14, 2015

Solar Empires Jovian Warbot Mockup

We're currently working on our pirate forces for the Solar Empires setting.  I came across on old Necron sprue from Games Workshop and I thought I would see if I could come up with a war bot design.  I looked over my Wargames Factory Shock trooper sprues and saw the helmet version with the clunky looking face plate.  I've never cared for this helmet on troops but I thought it might be a good option for this project.  This is my mock up.

I'm using the Shock troopers for generic Jovian troops as well as for Jovian associated forces like the X-Patriot Pirate trooper in the picture.  I've decided these would be good heavy  or medium war bots for my Jovian associated forces.

I'm pretty happy with the mock up so I will probably go down to the local game store and pick up a box of Necron Troopers to make a squad or two of these for my X-Patriot pirates.    


Lasgunpacker said...

I think that looks pretty good. Fits with the trooper, without being too huge.

What are you doing with the gun?

Ironworker said...

Not really sure what I am doing with the gun yet. I've lots the inserts to this old gun so I am trying to decide what exactly what to do with this model but it did give me an idea of how the end result would look.

Lasgunpacker said...

Maybe make it into a tribarrel rotary cannon? something about the pose with the missing glow insert made me think of that.