Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ironworkers Supply Expidition 03-01-08

Today we had a family trip to Springfield Missouri. The weather was nice and traffic was bumper to bumper because the entire state has been suffering from cabin fever. Of course any trip to any town of size for us is nothing more than an excuse to go buy wargame stuff.

Our first stop was Metagames Unlimited which has to be one of the nicest game stores I've ever been in. Clean bathrooms and they actually keep all the lights on. That alone makes it an unusual place to find racks and racks of miniatures and shelves of game books but it's nice when your use to wearing full hazmat gear any time you enter a store with a Magic the Gathering poster. My daughter bought a Reaper elf mini and my wife got a unit of Cygnar Long gunners for her Warmachine army. I picked up a pack of Reaper Savages and a Yeti as well as a pack of heads to use for conversions. I have another pack of savages and both them and the Yeti will be a part of my Astounding Adversaries project.

After that we stopped by Hobby Lobby and picked up a bunch of foliage for a jungle terrain feature. I also picked up some Testor's Model Master acrylic paints and brushes.

After Hobby Lobby we went to Toys R Us but couldn't find anything we needed. Actually we did find a great ship hull I wanted for my tramp steamer project in a Lego kit but the kit was $80 and after spending about $90 on game supplies at the other two places we decided that was a bit too much. I might check the Lego web site and see if I can get the hull as a separate piece and perhaps save a few bucks. I'll probably just make my first steamer out of foam core and cardboard instead.

We also went by the Bass Pro Shop international headquarters because my daughter loves to look at the fish tanks and wildlife displays. All I did was drool at some of the guns I wanted to purchase but couldn't afford.

Oh I also thought I would also show off another project real quick. It's a beer stein I panted at the local pottery shop. I hope to paint up several themed stein for my game room. This one of course is my stylish commie punk stein.