Thursday, June 11, 2009

Junk shop treasure.

I found these three Lledo di cast models at a local junk shop yesterday. From left to right 1936 Packard, 1934 Chevy Van, and some kind of Model T I think. Picked up the whole lot for $14.00 which is probably much better than I could have done on ebay.

I'm planning on stripping these guys and re-painting. The main problem is that unlike the ERTL trucks I have done in the past these trucks don't have screws holding them together. Instead they have peined over post. I'm pretty sure I can drill those out and them glue the models back together when I'm done.

I've found some great stuff at local junk shops over the years. Mid Missouri is full of them. They are often called Antique Malls or Flee Markets but they are just junk shops. If you have such establishments in your area check them out. You never know what you might be able to dig up. Just make sure you give yourself pleanty of browsing time.


Cyborg Trucker said...

Couldn't you drill them out and pop-rivet them back together too? I want to know how well die cast metal handles super glue. Just curious.

Ironworker said...

I might be able to pop rivet them. I'd imagine the glue would work ok. I may use epoxy instead of super glue. I'll probably start with the Model T as my test subject.