Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spaceport 69

Spaceport 69 is my new home brew Savage World setting. It's also going to be a miniature and terrain project. My plan is to make it a living project. Each building I build for the project will proceed on a logical timeline. The first building will be the spaceport hub, the next perhaps a canteena or hotel. The timeline will also fit into the setting time line. The first few adventures will center around the hub then when the next building/business is built it will be incorporated into the setting timeline and added to the adventures. This way the terrain project will grow as the setting grows. Each building and spaceship I build for the project will also get a crew/staff of NPCs and miniatures to represent them.

I'm going to start building the main part of the spaceport first. The Virgin Galactic hub. The spaceport itself will be a kind of truck stop in space. The setting itself will be 100-200 years in the future and will be based on current history. I thought using Virgin Galactic as the original corporate sponsors for the spaceport would at a tie to real world history and give a feeling of a more realistic future. All the buildings will be playable inside and out so my goal is to make them seem futuristic without making the construction too complicated.

I've been collecting various space ship toys and models over the last few years with the intention of making a spaceport for them. Here is a shot of some of my ships in various stages of completion. These ships will represent either permanent residents of the spaceport or frequent visitors. I'm planning on adding a couple larger ships, about twice the size of the bigger ships shown here.

So that's the project. I plan to get a good start on it in the next couple months then I'll be adding new elements in the future as I'm able to get them done.


Sergeant Crunch said...

Cool idea! I recognize some of the ships, others not so much. Care to enlighten us?

Ironworker said...

Well I'll try. A lot of the ships are just generic toys I found at different stores. I've tried to avoid ones that are too easily rescognizable.
Starting left to right in the back and moving forward. The red one Star Trek Maquis ship. I altered the bridge area to look like a 28mm cockpit. It's an AMT/ERTL kit and I've seen them on ebay fairly often. The grey ship is something I found at a Dollar General store. It came in a playset with 3 inch figures. I glued the cockpit down and painting a section in front of the actual cockpit that looked more like a 28mm bridge. I know my local Dollar General still has at least one playset. The set cost about 20 bucks. The big grey and blue one was another Dollar General find from several years ago. The Shuttle looking one is from a fairly recent Matchbox playset. The green one in the middle is from a 3 inch figure playset from Walmart. It's from their knock off G.I. Joe type line. I forget the name but I'll check ASAP. They are fairly easy to come by. I modified it last night to have a more appropriate looking cockpit as well. I'll probably put an article up about that specific ship tonight or tomorrow morning as that is next in line on my ship project list. The silver one to the right of the green ship is some kind of line flyer. It has a little prop motor in that back round section. Your suppose to fly it by a line. It was purchased at Big Lots years ago. The big grey one on the right side is from a JLA playset. It came with a "Flash" action figure. I've seen them on Ebay over the years. You can try searching JLA jet. The red one in the front is a C.O.B.R.A. aircraft from the G.I. Joe 3 inch line. I got three dirt cheap off e-bay. The little grey and white arospace fighter I picked up at one of those one dollar shops a few years ago. I have like four or five of those.

I know that's not much help. Most of those are random purchases that arn't too easy to pick up.

Cyborg Trucker said...

Sweet! I think I see some GI Joe vehicles there! Any chance of bigger pictures in the future? Thanks!

Ironworker said...

Yeah I'll be doing bigger shots of each ship as I detail and paint them. Right now I'm working on painting up that little green ship in the middle of the shot. It's turning out to be a pain in the butt for various reasons. I'll probably put a progress post up tonight or early tomorrow.

Eli Arndt said...

Nice looking collection there.

Scott Pyle said...

Love this idea! I really like gaming sci-fi skirmish and RPG's. Currently running a Dark Heresy game and I use minis a lot. Your collection of ships is impressive!