Monday, April 18, 2011

Station 42 building layout!

Well we managed to finish building all the buildings for the main part of the station. Of course we still have a lot of detailing to do. In stead of setting them up on a 4x4' or 4x8' table we used four of our 2.5x6' tables which make a 5x12' playing surface. This will allow us to put some other things on the outskirts of the buildings. At the moment we've got some larger ships set up on the extra space but we are talking about adding some residential buildings to at least one side. of the station but we may build them on another section entirely.

Here's a shot of the Venture Star base on the left and Rosie's Workshop on the right. We've used this section for a game of A.E. bounty already.
Here's another shot of the Venture Star base. This facility is the most complete of the buildings in the space port so far. Venture Star has these three mining vehicles as well as a small shuttle and a flat bed truck. I also plan to add a prospecting vehicle or two and 14-20 employees.

Here's the shot of some of the newer buildings. The black on in the foreground is going to be the new clinic. The building directly across from it will be a cantina and the building the the two attached platforms will be the fuel station. The platforms will have fuel tanks on them.

The other new building is the Nova Corp Security Station up in the top right of this picture. There are two landing pads for Skysweeper Patrol Ships and they will have four light patrol vehicles as well as a riot APC and some sort of paddy wagon.


Cyborg Trucker said...

That looks like an awesome set-up. Fighting a battle over the entire space port looks like a fun all-day event.

mutantpoo said...

Amazing !

Chris said...

It does look like an awesome and extremely playable set-up. Very nice work :)

Just nominated your blog for a Stylish Blogger Award too :) check out the most recent post on my blog.

Zombie Ad said...

Fantastic layout with some really nice pieces and highly playable. Good stuff Sir.

ranolan said...

That looks great. I'm going to bookmark your site!

Thanks for posting this up. I look forward to more of your Bounty reports to!