Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Station 42 more vehicles

I'm always on the lookout for things I can use to improve the realism of my spaceport. One of the things that is important to making any type of city or village or what have you look realistic is the extra details. Having great buildings just isn't enough. You have to have all kinds of other things that would exist in any settlement anywhere at any time. Having Vehicles is a very important part of my spaceport project. Not just vehicles for people to drive around in but utility vehicles as well.
The vehicles pictured above are examples of utility vehicles. One is a tractor toy I picked up at Dollar General and the other is a dump truck I picked up at Walmart. The tractor will be part of my fuel station. I'll probably be picking up a few of them. The idea is that not all shuttles and ships will be able to land at the fuel stations so these tractors would be able to service other ships at and outside the spaceport. With the truck I'll probably modify the bed and make it look like a regular truck and less like a dump truck. I'll be doing a heavily weathered pant job on both of these vehicles.


Chris said...

Good stuff - I like the idea of the fuel tank being towed by the tractor - I'd been wondering how I could involve the tractors at the local £ shop in my own Starport :)

Ironworker said...

The homebrew Sci-fi setting I'm using is based quite a lot on Firefly and Cowboy Be Bop. I'd rather have practical technology then have everything "hover". I go low tech where it makes sense.

Mik said...

Y'all and your starports are killin' me! Nice to see some more stuff rolling in Ironworker, I'm taking notes for sure (you too Chris).