Monday, April 9, 2012

Mr. Bigg's big supprise (AE Bounty game report for Station 42)

 The bounty hunting crew known as "The Valkyrie" were hired by an unknown employer to capture Mr. Biggs the boss of the Venture Star Prospecting Company.  They were also to capture Nancy his secretary and Karl Mason a scientist who works for Venture Star.  They were told Mr. Biggs would be inspecting a prospecting camp later that afternoon and that they might find it easier to take him there.
 The Venture Star Prospecting Team 1 were working at a site when they received a distress call from their base camp.  It was their boss Mr. Biggs who said he was under attack from bounty hunters.  Fearing for their paychecks the team headed back to base to try and stop the kidnappers. 

 The Venture Star base camp was small.  One large tent, a power generator, some fuel tanks, a few vehicles, and some other equipment.  Mr. Biggs has arrived in his flying sports car. 
 The prospecting team decided to split up and approach from several angles.  Victor the crew chief and Johnny the explosives expert would sneak up behind the camp with their backs to a large Mesa.  The security team Arnold and Joe would attack on one flank while the equipment operators Harry and Xavier would attack on the other flank.  The Valkyrie were getting the hostages together in the middle of the camp trying to figure out how to get them out of the area.

 Arnold and Joe began the shooting using suppressive fire to pin Alecia behind some fuel barrels.  Vera drug Karl away from the shooting around the back of the dump truck.  Kara ran up behind a car to get in a better position to shoot at the attackers while Valarie unloaded with her LRF slugthrower at Arnold and Joe.  Harry and Xavier tried to shoot Valarie but found they were out of range while Victor and Johnny moved in from behind.
 From her new position Kara was able to gun down Joe but Arnold still managed to pin down Alecia with more suppressive fire.  Victor moved up and took some shots at Valarie but missed.  The bounty hunter then returned the favor but her shots bounced harmlessly off the crew chief's personal magnetic field.  Valarie then decided that they needed to get Mr. Biggs out of there so she ran back and grabbed him.  Johnny wasn't able to find a clear path to charge Vera so he simply moved up and engaged her in hand to hand.  Harry and Xavier decided they needed to get closer so they move up towards some equipment crates.     
 Johnny and Vera traded blows.  Vera went down but managed to wound Johnny.  Valarie threatened Mr. Biggs to get him to sprint towards safety with her.  Alecia tried to drag Karl and Nancy out of the camp but was pinned again by suppressive fire from Arnold as well as Harry and Xavier.   
 Again Johnny couldn't get a clear path for a charge so he simply moved up to engage Alecia.  The two fought but neither damaged the other.  Kara moved up to grab Nancy. 
 Kara tried to move away with Nancy but was pinned by Harry and Xavier.  Johnny and Alecia kept fighting. 
 Alecia knocked Johnny out but both her and Kara came under suppressive fire from the prospecting crew so they were unable to move very far. 
 The prospecting crew continued to move in and try and pin down the bounty hunters.  Victor moved up and engaged Kara in hand to hand. 
 The bounty hunter made short work of the crew chief.  His personal magnetic field was of no use in hand to hand.  Alecia tried to run but was again pinned down. 
As the rest of the prospectors moved in Kara and Alecia decided that getting the boss was enough so they released their hostages and retreated. 

Notes:  We did a ton of things wrong in this game.  We forgot several special abilities during the play and we got the rules for suppressive fire wrong so it was a bit more effective than it should have been.  We counted it as a bounty hunter victory because they got both their faction objective and their secondary objective while the prospectors only got the primary objective.  It was still a fun fight but I didn't post a lot of the detail because we made so many mistakes.  The Valkyrie were bounty hunters and we used the mercenary list for the prospecting crew. 

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Always great to read Station 42 antics combined with AEBounty batreps. Good stuff as always!