Monday, April 23, 2012

Painting my "Hell Knights" rifle squad (Cadian Imperial Guard with Pig Iron Heads)

 Just thought I would share a technique I have been using to quickly paint up squads of troopers.  It works really well for military type minis and Battlemechs and such.  Here are a selection of Games Workshop Cadian Imperial Guard minis with Pig Iron heads.  These guys took a while to put together.  I cut off all the imperial symbols from the guns, armor, and canteens because I want to use these guys for several different games.  They will be the main troops for my "Hell Knights" mercenary army for my own generic sci-fi setting.   
First thing I do is select the base color.  In this case I chose a dark brown.  I used a Rustoleum cammo spray paint as my base cote.  Krylon makes a cammo paint system as well but the local Walmart doesn't carry that line anymore.  These paints are designed for people who think painting their pickup in a cammo pattern will actually help them sneak up on Deer and Turkey and other woodland critters.  No shit they really believe that. 
Anyhow after I base cote them then started blocking in the cammo pattern I've selected for this army in a warm medium brown. 
 Next I blocked in the rest of the cammo.  I'm only painting the armor and boots on these guys cammo. 

 After I got the cammo blocked in I started on the web gear and grenades and equipment. 
 At this point I dry brushed all the models with a light sand color.  This way I highlighted the model with one color.  This works really well for drab colors and really speeds things up. 
 After the dry brushing I put in the flesh tones and brighter colors.  I painted the visors on the helmets blue and the little lights and optics green. 
 After that stage I put a wash over the entire figure.  I used dark burnt umber with a drop of dark blue.  I also added some future floor wax to the mixture.  I use this kind of wash quite often.  It really gets into the cracks and ties the mini together. 
 After the wash I added details and highlights to the skin tones and brighter colors.  I also added the metallics at this stage. 
Finally I finished their bases and clear coated them.  I'm really happy with the way they came out.  I've used this technique or variations on it quite often with good results.  They actually painted up faster than they went together.  I spent a couple hours a night on them for a week so I have perhaps 10-12 hours in the entire squad. 

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