Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Game Room!

 The house we moved into has a full finished basement so of course we had to turn one of the room into a game room.  We've never really had a dedicated game space before so this is a very nice change.  As you can see in this picture we have three four foot square game tables set up with plenty of space in between.  You could probably set up two or three four by eight foot tables if you wanted to in this space.  The closets are very large and we have our terrain and quite a few of our supplies and unpainted minis in them. 
 Here is a shot from the other side.  We have a full sized fridge and a computer.  The doorway leads into our studio space which is close to the same size and the third finished room in the basement is a small bar so game nights should be pretty fun. 
Eventually we hope to organize some of our stuff better and add some decorations but I'm pretty happy that we have the space up and running.  Also all those years of having to use other spaces to play in has resulted in a pretty modular system of terrain and table space which I think will be an even greater asset with a dedicated game space. 


Luckyjoe said...

Wow, great space. I like the idea of a nice adjacent bar, too.

Mik said...


Mr. Lee said...

Wow.. impressive space there.. all the best with it as I am sure game nights will be a blast!