Monday, August 20, 2012

20 Angry Questions from The Angry Lurker!

 The Angry Lurker posted these 20 angry questions on his blog.  I decided they were so angry I would have to post some shots from my photography portfolio so as not to scare people off.

1.  Favorite Wargaming period and why?
Science fiction which should be pretty obvious from my blog here.  I like Science Fiction because I like space exploration and space ships and even though it sounds cheesy space really is the final frontier.

2.  Next period, money no object?
I would love to do a Viking Saga game with good ships and minis.  Really take the time to do them nicely.

3.  Favorite 5 films?  Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Serenity, The Lord or the Rings Trilogy, Empire Strikes Back.

4.  Favorite 5 TV series?
Firefly, Star Trek TOS, Eureka, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica

 5.  Favorite Book and Author?
H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Stories

6.  Greatest General?
Sir James "The Black" Douglas or more properly "Good" Sir James Douglas.

7.  Favorite Wargame Rules?
I loves me some classic Battle Tech.

8.  Favorite Sport and Team?
SCA heavy combat.  Calontir.

 9.  If you had a use once only time machine when and where would you go?
The Future.

10.  Last Meal on Death Row?
Bacon and beer.

11.  Fantasy Relationship and why?
Rachel Weisz.  Lets not be stupid here.  She's hot and I love when British chicks say "knickers" like it's the naughtiest word in the English language.

12.  If your life were a movie who would play you?
Jack Black

 13.  Favorite Comic Super Hero?
Conan.  Because Fuck You that's why.

14.  Favorite Military Quote?
"He who does more is more worthy"  Geoffroi De Charny

15.  Historical destination to visit?

16.  Biggest Wargame regret?
I wish I could get back some of the miniatures I have sold over the years.

17.  Favorite Fantasy Job?
Editorial Fashion Photographer.

18.  Favorite Song?  Top 5?
No Quarter by Led Zeppelin, Nothing Else Matters by Metallica,  Hold the Heathen Hammer High by Tyr, Cry of the Black Birds by Amon Amarath, Float by Flogging Molly 

19.  Favorite Wargaming Moment?
The "Station 42 War" home campaign my wife and I are playing.  The best combination we have had of finished terrain and minis.  Even though it's narrative we have tried to keep it realistic.    

20.  The miserable git question.  What upsets you?
Working a crappy night job that gets in the way of gaming, photography, and family.    


The Angry Lurker said...

Good answers sir especially bacon and beer plus a damn good blog...I'll be back!

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