Wednesday, August 8, 2012

General Drake and a Medic for the Titania Planetary Guard.

I've had a General Drake figure from Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope line ever since he came out.  He's a nice miniature but he's a bit on the tall side.  I think Reaper made him for ACOM which was suppose to be a 28mm game set in their CAV universe and I think they had planned to do all their models as 1/48th scale.  Anyhow I painted him up to be the leader of the renegade Titania Planetary Guard units for our Station 42 War campaign.
The "medic" is actually a pulp era "not" Laura Croft which I think I got off of Cool Mini or Not.  I don't really remember any other details about her.  She's a pretty nice mini but I have no idea who sculpted her.
I panted this pair up real quickly using the same technique we used for the rest of the army.  Nothing fancy but serviceable.   

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Sergeant Crunch said...

Not that it really matters. Drake predates Chronoscope for quite some time. It was originally part of the CAV line at least as early as when I started poking around that game in 2005. When Chronoscope came along Drake really was a better fit in that line. That and it gave them a product code they didn't have to pay for another green for.

Nice work on the figs, and love the scratchbuilds!