Monday, August 6, 2012

Battle at the Old Mining Town (a No Limits Station 42 War Game Report)

A "Hell Knights" APC engages Militia vehicles.
 Titania News Network:  Just a few short hours ago Titania militia forces and renegade Planetary Guard units came under attack from the Hell Knights mercenary company.  Our "Flyspy" news drones managed to record several images from the battle as it occurred.  
A civilian truck comes under mercenary fire.
 Titania forces were escorting a convoy of civilian vehicles out of Station 42 loaded with supplies for the resistance when they came under attack from Hell Knights, armor, infantry, and mech forces.  At least one mech scale "Battle Suit" was spotted among the mercenary forces.
Titania Militia units engage a mercenary APC.
 The conflict going on in the Station 42 region has been escalating for months.  The government of Titania acquired several hydroponics farms and mining claims in the region by use of eminent domain claiming that the land was going to be used for terra-forming facilities to provide planetary upgrades.   Instead building the facilities a  company known as Smith and Wilson Agricultural purchased the land.  The farmers and citizens of the region banded together and refused to leave.
The convoy moves into a gauntlet of deadly fire.
 Smith and Wilson Agriculture then hired to "Hell Knights" to enforce their claim to the properties.  So far the fighting has been mostly small in scale and limited to the region around Station 42.  Sympathy for the resistance groups has been wide spread across Titania.
Tanks from both sides trade fire.
 The battle that took place today was small in scale but brutal.  The Hell Knights have employed armored units and mechs before but never so many at one location.  They seemed determine to stop the Titania convoy.  The convoy was escorted by a Planetary Guard tank and several improvised armored cars as well as trained militia units and Planetary Guard fire teams.
Carson Boon is spotted fighting along side a unit of Planetary Guard.
Carson Boon and members of his militia were among the combatants.  Boon is believed to be the senior leader of militia units involved in the conflict.
Damaged and destroyed civilian and militia vehicles crash into abandoned buildings.
 As the battle raged many of the civilian vehicles were destroyed by the mercenary mechs and armored vehicles.  Mercenary snipers positioned on the large mesa and old silo also did considerable damage to the light vehicles.
A mercenary APC feels the sting of a Laser Canon.
 The Planetary Guard Tank put up as strong resistance taking out three armored personal carriers and damaging the mercenary hover tank.
Mercenary and Planetary guard tanks engaged at point blank range.
 For a good portion of the battle these two heavily armored vehicles traded fire.  Though the mercenary tank was heavily damaged it was not destroyed.
A mercenary mech scores a hit on the Planetary Guard tank.
 The mercenary mech was also badly damaged but not destroyed.  It was instrumental in destroying several civilian and militia vehicles.
Militia sniper "Redjack" lies motionless on the ground.
 The notorious militia sniper known as "Redjack" was noted among the militia casualties although his status is unknown at this time.  Evidence points to one of the Hell Knights snipers as the shooter.
The wreckage of several resistance and mercenary vehicles.
Most of the civilian and militia vehicles were destroyed by the end of the fighting.  It is estimated that the Titania forces lost close to 20 fighters and drivers while the mercenary casualties numbered at least 15 fighters and three armored personal carriers.  Only one civilian supply truck managed to pass through the mercenary gauntlet and it's location is unknown at this time.

At the end of the fighting the remaining mercenary forces withdrew from the area leaving the Titania forces to attempt to salvage their supplies and tend to their wounded.

This has been Alphonso Marks reporting for the Titania News Network.

Additional "Flyspy" coverage of the battle can be found in this gallery:


Mr. Harold said...

Great AAR and Report! I might steal that style next AAR I do...

Ironworker said...

With a 10 turn battle it's kind of hard to do a traditional game report. I was thinking when we started this campaign of doing a news blog just for the campaign but I didn't know if that would be worth it. Also I though it might be best to keep my traffic going to this one site.
I ended up with enough photos that I figured they could make their own kind of report. I may attach additional galleries to all my future reports.

Architype said...

Each and every boy somewhat played these kinds of toys and imagined it different scenes while their toys played with it. You sir, made this a worthwhile post.

Mik said...

I vote for keeping all content in one central place. As for the game itself, looked like a lot of fun, great writeup.

Maybe it's time Station 42 got some non-combatant reporter figs? And a tracked news truck.

private wierd said...

What a fantastic post! I have been really enjoying your battle reports. It is also fantastic seeing the mix of miniatures you use in your different factions. Thank you for your blog!

Deserter said...

Lovely AAR! The pics look great, seems like the game had all sorts going on. Really nice work, inspiring as usual.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.