Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flying Lamborghini for Station 42

A while back I picked up a Hot Wheels "Custom Motors" kit that was about 1/43 scale with an option to create a flying car.  I liked it quite a bit and it turned out looking really nice all painted up.  The only problem was that there was only one model and I was only able to pick up one copy before they were off the shelves.

I really wanted more flying cars so I decided to try and make a few myself from other 1/43 scale cars.  My first attempt is this flying Lamborghini.
Here is the shot of the car with my scratch built repulsor drives.  I made them mostly from different sized zip ties.  The fins are from some super cheep toy airplane party favors I picked up at Dollar Tree.  I stripped the tires off the wheels and took the axles out but used the plastic wheels to fill the wheel wells so the drives stuck out far enough.

 Here is a shot with the drives glued in place.  This was a very tedious process because I just glued them in the empty wells.  On the next one I'm going to glue some thin plastic inside the wheels because the holes where I cut the axles from made it harder to glue the drives in.  The Lamborghini is just a cheap die cast toy I picked up at Dollar General for less than $3.00

I've got a bit more work to do on this.  I'm thinking of adding wings and some other bits.  I kind of feel like the Hot Wheels car looked a bit over done but this one doesn't quite look finished so I think I'm going to add more.

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