Saturday, May 21, 2011

Station 42 Mr. Biggs gets a flying car!

I picked up this Hotwheels "Custom Motors" flying car today while at Wal-Mart. I'm using it as the personal vehicle of Mr. Biggs the CEO of the Venture Star corporation. It looked like the kind of over the top ride a CEO going through a mid life crisis would call his dream car. The scale of the car itself is closer to 1/43rd so it's a bit large but it is after all a "flying car" so I suppose eyeball scale is good enough. I look at it more like an air speeder than a sports car anyway.

Here's the packaging it came in. There are a couple spots on the roof that need some putty work because they are places you could attach customizable bits. This set cost about $9.00 with tax and there were several other kits that could work for 28mm vehicles. Some of the larger sets cost about $16.00 but I didn't want to try them out until I had worked with a smaller kit.


Mik said...

I was at the grocery store the other day and had a large-wheeled dump truck-like vehicle in my hands thinking "starport maintenance". Couldn't bring myself to get it ($9 bucks) though since I don't actually have a starport.

You've also got me poking around the garage for old Star Wars and GI Joe vehicles. Curses!

Ironworker said...

You know you want one! It's only a little project right?