Monday, March 25, 2013

More "Station 42 War" battles coming soon!

From the 2nd Battle of the Ghost Compound

Our Station 42 War campaign got a little sidetracked when I took over the local Battletech campaign a few months ago.  The last battles we fought were three 1000 point skirmishes using the No Limits system back in August 2012.  I never even got a report up for them.  We finally managed to pick the campaign up last night with a 2500 point battle when the Hell Knights assaulted the Ghost Compound for a 2nd time.  

I will be posting a campaign update about the three skirmishes and what was going on in the campaign story since last August.  After that I will be posting a two part report covering the last battle we fought.  The first section will cover; the terrain set up, scenario, and force selection.  The second part will be the actual battle report.  I may decide to use this format for other reports.   

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Torbjörn Sarchosuchus said...

A post just to say posts are coming?!

You're worse than George Lucas!!! Hahaha!

Really looking forward to more Station 42 action.