Monday, July 28, 2014

Battletech Total Chaos Campaign: Payback

 Our local Battletech group started playing the Total Chaos campaign a couple of weeks ago.  The campaign is set during the Jihad era and we played the 2nd track tonight called Payback.  This encounter is set on the Planet Styk in the Capellan Confederation on the 18th of December 3067.

 The players main objectives were to destroy the communications array and destroy a research building.  There was also an enemy unit of Capellans that for whatever reason that they would win more money for if they did not damage or destroy them.  The first shot of the game destroyed the com station.
 By the third turn of the game they research building had been destroyed but the defenders had pummeled the player's Dire Wolf (Daishi).

With all their objectives met the players decided to withdraw from the board and try to save their mechs from serious damage.  Unfortunately for the Dire Wolf the defender concentrated their fire and destroyed the 100 ton Clan Mech when they caused an ammo explosion.

Although they completed their primary objectives and one of their secondary objectives the Dire Wolf was a very costly loss and they do not yet have the supply points to replace the mech and it's lost pilot.


Buster McCall said...

Awesome! I do miss playing BattleTech with you guys. The terrain is amazing.

Ethan Graves said...

Awesome terrain. Could you please let me know where you got the trees and buildings for your Total Chaos Campaign?

Ironworker said...

Ethan those are a combination of scratch built and some kind of Monster game I don't remember the name of. The scratch built ones are mine but the others belong to another player.