Thursday, July 24, 2014

Leviathan Wakes

So after a lot of people who are have been following my Solar Empires setting and in particularly my Station 42 War conflict recommended I read this book because of the similarities to our setting I finally picked up a copy and did just that.  I have to say the similarities are pretty interesting.  Almost exactly the same general approach exist between the "Expanse" setting and our setting.  I think the setting is even more thought out than our setting but I would hope so since we are not a pair of professional writers and we are just working on our setting for gaming in on our spare time.  In many ways I almost wish this setting had come out before we started our project.  I could have been very happy setting my own adventures in the Expanse but I'm also happy with the setting we have developed.  

I thought the story was a really good one too.  Pretty interesting concepts.  Just enough science fiction and not too wrapped up in techno babble or pseudo science.  Mostly an interesting human story with some unexpected twist and character development.  I liked it quite a bit and I plan to read the other books in the series.

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Sabotage! said...

Glad you enjoyed it Ironworker! It definitely was extremely good considering I picked it up at my local bookstore based on a paragraph an employee there wrote on it. I enjoyed the second one quite a bit as well (the first was a touch better), but haven't started the third yet. Looking forward to seeing more from you and Solar Empires!